Pinus Pengger Forest Admission Ticket 2022 Photo Spot & Location

Pinus Pengger Forest is a photo spot tourist spot in the Sendangsari pine forest, Bantul. This place is usually crowded on weekends. Vacations here are very cheap and easy to reach from the city of Jogja.

Opening hours:06.30–23.00 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 2.500 /person
Address:Jl. Dlingo-Patuk, Pantirejo, Eggplant, Dlingo, Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55783
Public facilities:Toilets, Stalls
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps
Pengger Pine Forest
Photo (c) @winda_rofiana

Pinus Pengger

What we know so far is probably just a tour of Pinus Mangunan or Becici Peak. Whereas in Jogja there is also a pine tree tour called Pinus Pengger. Not inferior to Pinus Mangunan, teenagers must try to visit this place.

Or you are one of the lay people who just found out that Yogyakarta has pine tree tourism. By thinking so far, Yogyakarta only has temples. If so, you are very wrong.

Pinus Penggean is a pine tree tour, like pine tours in general. There are pine trees, there are trees, there are forests, nature, and views of the city of Bantul seen from the hills.

Basically the same as other tours. These sections are in every tour that takes the theme of pine trees. The only thing that differs is the given spot.

Well, at Pinus Pengger, there is a good spot that is interesting to explore.

Anyway, very instagramable. Truly a tour that is suitable for teenagers to visit.

In addition, the arena supports to be used as a camping place. You can come here at night too. Closing hours tend to be free.

Curious as to what other pine tree tours belonging to the city of Bantul, Jogja are like?

Interesting Photo Spots of Pinus Pengger

What’s interesting, of course, is the spot. Consisting of beautiful creations by the management’s hands, this masterpiece is formed as follows:

Giant Hand

The shape is like when Natuto’s hand will issue a rasinggan. Made of an arrangement of wood that is shaped in such a way, this one spot looks very beautiful.

It is located at the end of a cliff. If you take it at the right angle, the photos will capture the background of the giant hand itself as well as the view from below.

The tourists usually take pictures sitting on the palms. Act as if you are meditating. It seems interesting.

Wooden Bridge

Uniquely, this bridge was not made to cross rivers or roads. And it’s even more unique when the bridge is connected from one tree to another.

Standing on the bridge, is the best pose for your photos.

Giant Hole

It’s most interesting when you stay in the hole, then your friend takes a photo from the other side. The giant hole is also directly opposite the view of the houses of the residents of Bantul.

The shape is like a bird cage, but not a bird cage. Like a hole, but the hole does not protrude down.

Sleeping in the hole also looks comfortable.

Tree House

Without being explained, you know where the attraction is.

What is no less amazing is the closing time of the tour. This tour is still open at night.

Photos also look even more attractive when taken in dark conditions. But make sure your camera’s ISO supports it.

And at night, you have one additional photo spot. None other than the beauty of the lights of a house or building that looks like a star when viewed from the location of Pinus Pengger.

Pinus Pengger Facility

It is located quite far from where the residents live. You definitely need facilities such as toilets, prayer rooms, food stalls, there. And thankfully Pinus Pengger already has all the complete facilities.

He also provided ample parking there. Vehicles are also safely guarded by parking attendants. So don’t worry.

Pine Pengger Ticket Prices

With just 2,500, you can already enjoy the beauty of Pinus Pengger. To enjoy the spot itself, you can pay or it’s free.

The meaning is up to us. So like charity or alms. You can pay sincerely, you can also free. Later the money will be made to further enhance the tour.

The parking price itself varies for each type of vehicle. For motorbikes, 2,000 is enough, for cars 5,000 and for buses the parking price is 20,000.

Location of Pine Pengger

Located in Sendangsari Hamlet, Terong Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, the location can be easily reached.

Suitable for private and public vehicles.

If taken from the Yogyakarta area, the distance is about 25 km. From there you can spend 45 minutes if the road is smooth.

It’s easier if you start from Jalan Wonosari. Then you can leave everything on Google Maps.

For the streets when you enter the tourist attractions, you are expected to be careful. Especially during the rainy season. Because the soil in the Pinus Pengger area is quite slippery.

Pine Pengger Photo Gallery

Penger Pengger Forest Bandulan
Photo (c) @ikebhakti
Omah Pengger Pine Forest
Photo (c) @myteryo89
Cute Pengger Pine Forest
Photo (c) @suciyarti29
Pengger Pine Forest at Night
Photo (c) @sulistyaani
Pengger Pine Forest Photo Spot
Photo (c) @syahriel_kamil

Want to know more photos about pine pengger? try clicking this instargam link

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Well how? are you interested in visiting this location. This post was written in December 2019 where visits to this tourist location rose sharply. I hope this information is helpful.