Police Check Doni Salmanan’s Wife About Quotex Next Week

Jakarta, IDN Times – The Directorate of Cyber ​​Crimes, Bareskrim Polri, will examine Doni Salmanan’s wife, Dinan Nur Fajrina, Monday (14/3/2022). Dinan will be investigated regarding the alleged fraud case under the guise of Quotex binary options trading.

Head of the Public Information Section (Kabag Penum) of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, Kombes Pol. Gatot Repli Handoko, said the examination was carried out in order to tracing asset crazy rich that Bandung.

“It is planned that Monday, March 14, 2022, investigators will examine the DS manager, namely TJS and DS’s wife, namely DNF,” said Gatot at the National Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Friday (11/3/2022).

1. Criminal Investigation Unit has examined 26 witnesses in the Quotex case

Bareskrim Checks Doni Salmanan's Wife for Quotex Next WeekHead of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Public Relations Division, Kombes Pol Gatot Repli Handoko. (doc. Police Public Relations)

Gatot explained that in the case that ensnared Doni Salmanan, investigators had examined 26 witnesses. They consist of 18 witnesses and eight expert witnesses.

“Investigators will carry out additional examinations of victims of the Qoutex application,” said Gatot.

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2. Bareskrim will confiscate Doni Salmanan’s assets in Bandung

Bareskrim Checks Doni Salmanan's Wife for Quotex Next WeekCrazy Rich Bandung, Doni Salmanan, arrives at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police to complete an examination (IDN Times / Irfan Faturrohman)

In addition to examining Dinan, investigators have also coordinated with the Financial Transaction Analysis Reporting Center (PPATK) to trace the flow of funds from the proceeds of Quotex Doni Salmanan’s crime. Investigators will also confiscate some of Doni’s assets in Bandung.

“Currently investigators are conducting tracing DS assets in Bandung,” he said.

3. Doni Salmanan gains 80 percent of each member’s loss

Bareskrim Checks Doni Salmanan's Wife for Quotex Next WeekDoni Salman. Instagram/donisalmanan

The Head of Sub-Directorate I of the Cyber ​​Crime Directorate of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police, Kombes Pol. Reinhard Hutagaol, said that Doni Salmanan was suspected of spreading false news or hoaxes by showing off profits or assets so that prospective members would join.

“He gives false news that ‘play with me’ and from his videos, he actually traps people into playing and in reality no one has ever won,” said Reinhard when contacted, Thursday (10/3/2022).

Reinhard explained Doni Salmanan gains 80 percent of each member’s defeat.

“Get 80 percent of the loss of every member of Quotex,” said Reinhard.

Reinhard said that currently there are only 25 thousand active members with a referral link belonging to Doni Salmanan. This is indicated by the Telegram trending Quotex group belonging to crazy rich that Bandung.

“If there are 25 thousand members on Telegram, that can be an indication (active) because 25 thousand means those who are referring to him. Because he’s with him, he’ll definitely join Telegram,” said Reinhard.

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