Police Seize Assets Worth IDR 1.5 T from Binary Options Case

Jakarta, IDN Times – Bareskrim Polri has confiscated a number of assets from a fraud case under the guise of binary options trading. The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto, said that so far the police have confiscated assets worth more than Rp. 1.5 trillion from the case.

These assets are either movable or immovable. It is known that the Bareskrim Polri is currently investigating the Binomo case with affiliate Indra Kenz and the Quotex case with affiliate Doni Salmanan.

“If I’m not mistaken, we have confiscated more than IDR 1.5 trillion, and this will continue to grow thanks to our good cooperation with PPATK,” Agus said at a press conference, Thursday (10/3/2022).

1. Criminal Investigation Department confiscated a Ferrari and two of Indra Kenz’s luxury homes in Deli Serdang

Bareskrim Seizes IDR 1.5 Trillion Assets from Binary Options CaseIndra Kesuma’s style with his luxury car (instagram.com/indrakenz)

Previously, the Directorate of Special Economic Crimes, Bareskrim Polri, confiscated a 2012 Ferrari California and two luxury houses in Deli Serang, North Sumatra, belonging to Indra Kenz, Thursday (10/3/2022). The confiscation was carried out after the investigator obtained a permit to confiscate assets from the court.

Director of Special Economic Crimes (Dirtipideksus) at the National Police Criminal Investigation Department Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan said investigators suspected the car and two luxury housing units were related to the flow of fraudulent funds under the guise of Indra Kenz’s Binomo trading.

“The Dirtipideksus team confiscated movable assets in the form of a Ferrari and two buildings in Medan, we suspect that they chose IK,” said Whisnu.

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2. Investigators will confiscate Indra Kenz’s homes in Jakarta and Tangerang

Bareskrim Seizes IDR 1.5 Trillion Assets from Binary Options CaseDoni Salmanan (Instagram.com/Donisalmanan)

The police also plan totracing Indra Kenz assets in Jakarta and Tangerang. However, investigators are still waiting for a confiscation permit from the court.

“After receiving the special determination permit, we will confiscate several houses. Regarding objects such as watches and others, we are still investigating whether they belong to IK or borrow them,” said Whisnu.

3. Indra Kenz’s assets will be handed over to the court

Bareskrim Seizes IDR 1.5 Trillion Assets from Binary Options CaseDoni Salmanan (instagram.com/donisalmanan)

Whisnu emphasized that the assets confiscated by investigators from Indra Kenz would all be handed over to the court. He hopes that these assets can compensate Binomo victims with affiliates crazy rich That field.

“All of the assets that we confiscate will be used as evidence to be submitted to the court. We hope that it will be (returned to the victim),” said Whisnu.

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