Predator Fun Park Batu Malang, Rides, Entrance Tickets and Locations

Want to see ferocious predators, but still be safe and fun? Predator Fun Park is a great place. Even though the name seems scary, this place is very friendly family.

Opening hours:08.30–16.30 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 30,000/person
Contact:(0341) 531999
Address:Jl. Raya Tlekung No. 315, Junrejo, Batu City, East Java 65327
Public facilities:Mosque, Toilet, and Spacious Parking Area.
Access Road:Very good
Online Maps:View Maps
Predator Fun Park

Predator Fun Park

This tour is well worth a visit by the family. Adults, as well as children, are still suitable to play in this destination. Don’t think because there are dangerous animals, aka meat eaters who become predators that humans fear, making even children forbidden to play there.

Predator Fun Park is even more recommended for children. Because from here, children can learn about the process of breeding predatory animals.

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The animals are indeed dangerous, but because the security is great, so don’t worry about bringing the kids here.

The predator that is the main focus is the crocodile. We will be presented how crocodiles live from laying eggs, surviving, to the daily life of adult crocodiles.

In addition, there are also anacondas, milk snakes, king cobras, to piranha arapaima.

Previously, this place was a crocodile sanctuary. But after 2015, the scary place was turned into a fun tourist spot. Explores the lives of ferocious predators from the eyes of children.

The scenery provided is also beautiful. The location is close to the mountain, as well as the place itself which is basically interesting, you can use it as a photo background for other functions that are used to educate.

Predator Fun Park Rides

Even though the title of the tour is predatory, which certainly won’t go far with the wild animals out there, but who says the rides are just that?

More! Examples such as;

In this vehicle you can play as much trampoline as you like. While playing basketball and then putting the ball in the basket, you can jump as high as you can to reach a distance you’ve never been able to reach before, then end up landing in a pool full of foam. Just imagine how exciting that would be.

You will be presented with several kinds of preserved crocodiles. They are pasted on the walls, as well as in a few other places of interest.

An interesting way of placing, considering the condition of the dead crocodile, you will not be afraid or embarrassed to take pictures with him.

In addition to providing education, believe me, this place is very supportive to be used as a photo spot.

As we know so far, there we will swim. Play water to your heart’s content!

You and your family can try flying fox and other natural rides. Anyway, it’s fun, and what’s certain is that in this area there are no escaping predators.

The purpose of the creation of this vehicle is so that you and your family can be closely related to each other through the various obstacles provided. Not only family, you can also strengthen relationships with your group. Because here, teamwork will be very necessary.

A place for us to play traditional musical instruments, angklung. as much.

His name is taken from the first name Buaya (probably). Because the shape of the train is like a crocodile.

Coco Train will take you around the area using their crocodile-shaped train.

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Predator Fun Park Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are fairly cheap. Only by paying 30,000 per person, you can already enjoy some of the rides there.

Remember! Just a few rides. And the rides are water park, maze maze, crocodile breeding pond, crocodile gallery and piranha fish pond.

While the ticket price is 50,000 per person, the rides that can be enjoyed are even more. Apart from those mentioned above, you can also enjoy the Coco Train, Outbound, Extreme Trampoline, Playground, and Family Fun House rides.

Predator Fun Park is one of the tourist destinations that provides complete rides but is still served at a cheap price. It doesn’t hurt to spend your money for the entrance ticket and waste valuable time with family in that place.

Predator Fun Park Location

It is estimated that the distance from Malang city square to this tour takes 45 minutes. For more details, this place is on Jl. Raya Tlekung No. 315, Junrejo, Batu City, East Java 65327.

The route is indeed quite long if taken from the Malang city square. But believe me, even though the distance traveled is quite long, it is comparable to the tours presented.

To get here, you can take it with any type of vehicle. It can be a motorbike, it can also be a four-wheeled one.

Predator Fun Park Photo Gallery

In this place you can do many activities, maybe one day may be less because there is a lot of fun to be had. Here are some photos taken by tourists visiting the Predator Fun Park

Predator Fun Park
Predator Fun Park
Predator Fun Park
Predator Fun Park
Predator Fun Park
Predator Fun Park

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How? still not interested? If you have time to visit Malang, take the time to travel at this location. Because it’s rare that there are predatory captive tourist attractions that are very clean and tidy and can have fun if it’s not in the predator fun park.