Press Company Code of Conduct

All content in the form of text, images, sound and all forms of graphics on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended for stock trading purposes and/or other transactions. We strive to display the contents as accurately as possible, but and all content provider partners, including consulting managers and content developers from other parties on this site, are not responsible for any errors and delays in updating data or information, or any losses incurred because the action relates to the use of the information presented. is not responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of all text, images, sounds and all forms of graphics produced and delivered by readers or users in various “public” rubrics such as U-Report, Reader Comments, Forums, Polls, Chats , Opinion and more. However, has the right to regulate and edit the content of readers or users so as not to harm other people, institutions, or certain bodies and stay away from pornographic content or offend ethnic, religious and racial sentiments.

All content in the form of text, images, sound and all forms of graphics submitted by readers or users either on social media or in the comments column is the responsibility of each individual, and not the responsibility of We convey the following regarding the above regarding the company’s code of conduct :

  1. In carrying out their duties, Journalists and Company Staff are equipped with an identity (Press Card) and Company Id Card, and are listed in the Editorial Box.
  2. journalists are PROHIBITED from asking and receiving money or any goods from sources.
  3. For resource persons who feel that there are irregularities in the identity of the Journalists or get unpleasant behavior from journalists, they can contact the Editors by e-mail to: .
  4. Every published news is under the authority of the editor of
  5. Requests for rectification, correction, revision or right of reply related to articles that have been published by, based on the Journalistic Code of Ethics and the Basic Press Law.
  6. Errors are made by sending an electronic mail (e-mail)/email to: [email protected] using the subject: RIGHTS OF ANSWER. In the e-mail, it is stated the part that is considered inappropriate along with the link from the article, and the applicant must clearly state his/her identity.

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