Prevent online meetings from causing hearing loss, this is what the doctor said about how to use the right headset – Online meetings have become a new habit that emerged in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But be careful, don’t let your online meeting make you experience hearing loss due to using the wrong headset!

Prof. dr Jenny Bashiruddin, Sp.THT-KL(K) explained that the use of headsets during online meetings and other activities needs to be limited. The habit of using a headset with a high volume will be at risk of hearing loss.

“For the use of a headset, the volume must not be large, at least 60 percent of the existing volume,” he said, quoted from Sehatnegeriku.

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Illustration of an online meeting. [Gabriel Benois/Unsplash]
Illustration of an online meeting. [Gabriel Benois/Unsplash]

He further explained, after 1 hour of using the headset, it must be stopped and rest for 1 hour. Thus hearing health will be maintained.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have regular ear examinations to clean earwax. If the earwax or cerumen is normal, it can be checked every 6 months. But if the cerumen hardens quickly, the examination is carried out every 3 to 4 months.

In principle, Jenny continued, the ear contains sebaceous glands and cerumen glands which will produce dirt in a third of the hole. So that the dirt should be able to come out on its own and even if you want to clean it, you should not use a cotton bud.

This will damage it, so it is better to only clean the outer part, wipe it, and it should not get into the ear, because the one who can clean it must be a doctor or health worker.

“We don’t recommend cleaning it yourself, so if the dirt is really fast, you have to clean it every six months,” said Jenny.

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In addition, an examination is needed to determine the level of hearing. For employees with noisy workplaces exceeding 85 decibels, a hearing examination is recommended once a year.