Proof of a Bruno Cantanhede with Persib

Jakarta, IDN Times – Bruno Cantanhede had a hard time. Had opened the tap for Persib Bandung in the match against Persita Tangerang, the Brazilian striker immediately sluggish and fasted goals in nine games.

During the fasting period of that goal, Cantanhede experienced a lot. One thing that he definitely gets is criticism from Boboh. On social media, Bolaoh is busy questioning the capabilities of the former Hanoi FC striker.

The fruit of this criticism, Cantanhede was even marginalized by Persib coach, Robert Rene Alberts, from starting XI. Not infrequently, he only entered in the second half, and of course replaced David da Silva.

However, Cantanhede did not give up. He answered the criticism with patience and good performance. His efforts did not betray the results he got. In the match against Arema FC, Cantanhede found his own light.

1. Bruno Cantanhede is the inspiration for Persib

Proof of a Bruno Cantanhede with PersibBruno Cantanhede, Persib’s new striker. (

Match week 30 of Liga 1 2021/22 which brings together Arema and Persib is an important match. Both teams are currently in the race for the title. Victory is clearly a fixed price to keep the team on track.

The situation was difficult for Persib in this match. Da Silva got injured, so he had to be withdrawn and replaced by Cantanhede. They also fell behind 0-1 early in the second half. Shadows of defeat flashed in Persib’s mind.

However, Cantanhede came and brushed it all away. No half-hearted, he scored two goals through a successful header in this match. Cantanhede became an inspiration for Persib to get up and catch up.

In the end, Persib also managed to win this match. They crushed Arema and kept the chance to become champions. On the other hand, Cantanhede, who was initially bullied, has now turned into a hailed figure.

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2. Bruno Cantanhede underwent a transformation

Proof of a Bruno Cantanhede with PersibBruno Cantanhede, Persib’s new striker. (

However, Cantanhede’s road before becoming a star in the match against Arema was quite long. Apart from being criticized and dismissed, Cantanhede was also placed out of position on several occasions. The winger position is the one he regularly occupies.

Instead of grumbling, Cantanhede lived it all gracefully. So the right winger is okay, installed on the left it doesn’t matter. After all, when he was a winger, Cantanhede gave a good performance when he met Persija Jakarta and PSM Makassar.

With his dribbling, Cantanhede was able to trouble the opposing wing-backs. He is always a constant threat to opponents, and also opens up space for other players in attack. He’s trying to make a contribution.

This clearly gives positive energy to the team. In the midst of a team condition that really needed a strong unity, Cantanhede provided additional energy that kept Persib’s attack line alive, even though he had to play from the middle of the match. He didn’t give up.

3. Luck for Robert Rene Alberts

Proof of a Bruno Cantanhede with PersibBruno Cantanhede, a new Persib player. (

What Cantanhede showed in this match was clearly a blessing for Robert. At least, he doesn’t have to worry when Da Silva or another Persib striker gets injured. There is Cantanhede ready.

As for Bruno Cantanhede, he certainly cannot let go of this momentum. With the remaining four matches that Persib will play in Liga 1 2021/22, he must still provide evidence. Who knows, he could actually be the key figure behind the title of ‘Maung Bandung’ in the future.

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