Provide Appropriate Information to Children

Jakarta, IDN Times – Deputy for Fulfillment of Children’s Rights at the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (KemenPPPA), Agustina Erni, explained that children have the right to get proper information.

According to him, Child-friendly Information (ILA) is information that is in accordance with human dignity in relation to the mental and social development of children, following the development of their age and maturity.

“However, at the same time, there are concerns about the rapid flow of information that can be accessed quickly and easily as a result of the rapid advances in information technology, namely the possibility of children accessing information that may not be appropriate for their age, ranging from hoax news to fake news. information content that contains elements of pornography, violence and radicalism,” said Erni in the talkshow “Information for Children: Intelligent Information, Quality Children,” quoted on Monday (7/3/2022).

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1. Negative information can have a bad impact on children

KemenPPPA: Prevent Bad Impacts, Provide Appropriate Information to ChildrenIllustration of children (IDN Times/Besse Fadhilah)

Erni explained that children are continuously exposed to various content, including negative content without proper supervision from parents or other adults, which can have a negative impact on children, ranging from gadget addiction to becoming victims. cyber bullying, cybercrimeonline gender based crimes to sexual crimes.

“Providing and providing appropriate information for children is the responsibility of all of us, as government and local governments, as parents, families and as part of the wider community,” he said.

2. The government’s efforts to provide child-friendly information

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KemenPPPA: Prevent Bad Impacts, Provide Appropriate Information to ChildrenIllustration of children (IDN Times/Dwifantya Aquina)

Apart from being a child’s right, proper information or intelligent information is considered to produce quality Indonesian children as expected together to realize a Golden Indonesia in 2045. KemenPPPA claims to continue to strive so that children still get their right to proper and intelligent information. .

The provision of ILA is also an indicator of a child-friendly district or city (KLA), as well as developing the concept of a Child Friendly Information Center (PISA) with a focus on providing integrated information needed by children, with a child-friendly service approach.

KemenPPPA has processed the PISA Standardization in 2021 and has produced 21 standardized PISA Service institutions, as well as 15 PISA management human resources who are certified child-friendly.

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3. Regional Children’s Forums become a forum for children’s participation

KemenPPPA: Prevent Bad Impacts, Provide Appropriate Information to ChildrenIllustration of children (IDN Times/Besse Fadhilah)

Erni also revealed that there was an involvement of Children’s Forums at the national and regional levels as a forum for children’s participation in development. This forum has participated in efforts to create and disseminate child-friendly information, in carrying out its role as a 2P (Pioneer and Whistleblower).

“They have made efforts to be part of the solution to the problems we face together regarding inappropriate information, and not just being the target of programs developed by the government. It’s time for us to learn and collaborate with children about the information they need and the form of delivering the information they want,” said Erni.