PSIS Semarang boss admits it is difficult to find a replacement for Primary Arhan

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PSIS Semarang boss Yoyok Sukawi admitted that it was difficult to find a replacement for Arhan Primary. As is known, Arhan joined the Japanese League’s second caste club, Tokyo Verdy with a two-year contract.

Although it is difficult to fill the vacant position, Yoyok is still sure that there will be players like Arhan who will appear. He said that Arhan’s success in being able to play abroad was inseparable from the PSSI program which gave young players the opportunity to play in League 1.

“Instead, his quality does not exist. But many of our young people are ready to be promoted to be able to excel like Arhan,” said Yoyok during the Arhan Primary Release event by PSSI General Chair Mochamad Iriawan in Jakarta, Friday, March 4, 2022.

According to Yoyok, the success of PSIS Semarang’s young players is due to PSSI’s special policy for Elite Pro Academy (EPA) U-16, U-18, and U-20 players who can play in the senior team of BRI Liga 1.

PSIS gives young players the opportunity to get more playing time. “When Arhan stood out in the U-18s, we had the courage to play him in the senior team. His mentality was awakened,” said Yoyok.

Meanwhile, Mochamad Iriawan has a special request for Arhan. He wants Arhan to teach the throw-in technique to other players. Arhan is known for his long throw-ins.

“Arhan is good at throwing, maybe the furthest in Indonesia. But we have to pass that knowledge on to our friends here. Please share his knowledge so that friends can throw as far as you,” said Iriawan.

The plan is that Primary Arhan will go to Japan and join Tokyo Verdy next week. The player who plays as a defender is still waiting for a visa from the Japanese government.

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