PSSI Says Sampdoria Goalkeeper Will Decide on Naturalization Offer This Week

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PSSI Executive Committee (Exco PSSI) member Hasani Abdulghani said there would be a meeting this week with Sampdoria goalkeeper Emilio Audero Mulyadi. The meeting discussed the naturalization offer to become a player for the Indonesian national team.

Hasani said that Emilio was coach Shin Tae-yong’s main target to enter the Indonesian national team squad. He said there would be a meeting with Emilio on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 European time.

“Tomorrow night in Europe or Thursday morning in Indonesia, our colleagues (agents) already have dinner arrangements with the manager and players that coach Shin Tae Yong is interested in. Which of Emil Audero Mulyadi and Jordy Wehrmann is the 4th descendant of the national team?” Hasani wrote on his Instagram account.

Of the two names, only one player entered the squad. Hasani said the meeting later was to determine whether or not Emilio was willing to become a naturalized player.

“So tomorrow is the deadline. Yesterday we had doubts about whether Emilio wanted to or not. Instead of going back and forth, Jordy made a backup. So if Emilio wants, Jordy hasn’t done it yet,” Hasani said when contacted by Tempo, Tuesday, March 1, 2022. .

According to Hasani, Emilio Audero is Shin Tae-yong’s top choice. But he was reluctant to reveal the reason the coach was after the 25-year-old goalkeeper. He said that all players on the naturalization list were Shin’s recommendation.

“The discussion process between my agent and Emilio’s agent was two weeks ago. So at the meeting, it’s just a matter of making sure whether Emilio wants to or not. If so, we will continue, otherwise we will move to Jordy,” said Hasani.

Emilio or Emil Audero is a footballer who currently plays for Italian League club Sampdoria. He was born in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara on January 18, 1997. His father is an Indonesian native named Edy Mulyadi. While his mother is from Italy, Antonella Audero

The 25-year-old goalkeeper joined the Juventus academy at the age of 11. Emilio was then promoted to the Juventus senior team when called up by Massimiliano Allegri on 30 November 2014.

Emilio had loaned spells to Venice (2017-2018) and Sampdoria (2018-2019). Then Sampdoria bought him permanently in 2019 for a transfer value of 20 million Euros. In September 2017, Emilio made his debut with the Italy U-21 national team and won 4-1 against Slovenia.

Before Emil Audero, there were already three names that were undergoing the naturalization process. They are, Sandy Walsh, Jordi Amat and Shayen Pattynama. Hasani said the process for the three names had been completed at PSSI and would soon be submitted to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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