Psychologists say, these are tips for making snacking a useful self-reward for mental health – The habit of snacking aka eating snacks is the door to obesity, which can lead to various diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

But if done in the right way, according to psychologists, snacking can also be used as a form of self-reward that is beneficial for mental health!

A psychologist who graduated from the University of Indonesia, Saskhya Aulia Prima M.Psi, shares his tips. What needs to be done?

“In my research, chewing alone is one of the ways people reduce stress. Indeed, when chewing there are parts of the brain that make it easier for us not to feel too stressed or anxious,” said Saskhya at a press conference.

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snacking illustration.  (Shutterstock)
snacking illustration. (Shutterstock)

He added that snacking activities can be used as self-rewards that are useful for resting the mind for a while after carrying out busy activities or demands of work in one day.

“Actually, self-reward is okay and something we need to practice. By applying self-reward, we give ourselves space, we get good feedback for ourselves, so that it motivates us again,” said the Co-founder of TigaGenerasi Psychology House.

According to Saskhya, self-reward is related to one’s sense of worth, acceptance, and self-confidence. However, he also reminded people not to misapply self-reward and indulge in snacking activities in a relatively frequent time because it will have a negative impact.

Saskhya also reminded to always balance it with exercise as well as basic needs and other activity obligations, ranging from bedtime, main meals, to work.

“So everything is balanced between us wanting to self-reward, comfort ourselves, and maintain physical and mental health,” he said.

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In order to have a positive impact, Saskhya recommends that snacking activities be accompanied by mindful eating methods or focusing on the food that is served without distractions so that stress is released properly.