PUBG MOBILE Version 1.9 Releases 7 Latest Content

Along with the 4th anniversary titled “Vibrant Anniversary”, PUBG MOBILE officially released Version 1.9 starting March 18, 2022.

There is new content in this version 1.9 update and the following is the discussion.

1. New Mode: Vibrant Anniversary

Pubg Mobile Version 1 9 D

After being accompanied by fashion Spider-Man: No Way Home and Kaisen Jujutsu in Version 1.8, this time players will be greeted by a new mode that is no less exciting, Vibrant Anniversary. In this mode, players can participate in celebrating the 4th birthday PUBG MOBILE by decorating the giant statue in the Spawn Island new with colorful balls.

2. New Features: Vibrant Aerial Battleground

Pubg Mobile Version 1 9 E

In fashion Vibrant Anniversaryplayers can also feel the excitement of fighting in the air while wearing colorful costumes with the latest features Vibrant Aerial Battleground.

Similar to collaboration mode together Arcane in Version 1.7, players can choose to get off the plane to land in a special area before finally playing in the area Battle Royale.

When the player is shot by the enemy, the headgear will enlarge and make the player float in the air. On the other hand, the player’s headgear will shrink and the player will land again if shot by a friend.

If eliminated, the player will be eliminated from Vibrant Aerial Battleground to play in the area Battle Royale. This feature only available in the first 5 minutes every matchso don’t miss it!

3. Classic Mode Adjustment

Pubg Mobile Version 1 9 F

Now, the Classic experience is even more exciting thanks to the latest tweaks to our favorite features: Recall Towerand Supply Shop.

Recall Tower Those who were present in Version 1.8 will be back in Version 1.9, so players who have fallen can be resurrected by their teammates and return to the game.

Supply Shop also comes back in Version 1.9 with a number of adjustments. Location Supply Shop now expanded to make it easier for players who want to shop, but some items like AWM and Ghillie Suit become unavailable. Instead, a number of items just now added to Shopone of which is Flare Gun.

This adjustment is available in mode Classic Erangel (Unranked), Livik (Unranked), Aftermath (Unranked), Erangel – Vibrant Anniversary (Ranked),and Livik – Vibrant Anniversary (Ranked).

4. New Arena Mode, Royale Arena: Assault

Pubg Mobile Version 1 9 B

Starting April 7, 2022, players can try the fun of playing 4v4 in random area folder Erangel and Livik via fashion Arena latest, Royale Arena: Assault. Reach the target of elimination points to win the game!

To play this mode, select Selection Mode > Arena > Royale Arena: Assault.

5. New Vehicle: Mountain Bike

Pubg Mobile Version 1 9 C

In this update, PUBG MOBILE bring in a new vehicle, namely Mountain bike with bright colors Vibrant Anniversary. Find this bike in folder game for stored in the bagthen take it anytime from the bag to use to explore folder game.

6. Ranked Season New: CYCLE 2 SEASON 5

Pubg Mobile Version 1 9 A

From 22 March – 18 May 2022, players can start push rank in the new season that is CYCLE 2 SEASON 5 (C2S5).

Achieved rank high to get a line of exclusive rewards, including C2S5 Glasses, C2S5 Set, C2S5 Parachute, C2S5 – MK14, C2S5 Mask, C2S5 Cover. Not only that, there are themed missions too 4th Anniversary which you can complete in CYCLE Memories.

Had trouble push rank in the previous season due to restrictions rank? Don’t worry, because in this new season the distance between rank has been enlarged so that it is easier for players to form teams, to become: BronzePlatinum, GoldDiamonds, DiamondsCrown, CrownPUBG Conqueror.

7. Royale Pass Month 9: Cosmic Clash

Royale Pass Month 9 (RP M9) entitled “Cosmic Clash” will be available from 22 March – 19 April 2022 to replace Royale Pass previously, “Bounty Legends“.

Royale Pass Upgrades-you become Elite Pass or Elite Pass plus to get various exclusive prizes such as skin PP-19 Bizon, Kar98K, QBZ, Fluorescent Flash outfit setalso Grand prize Wukong Prime outfit set which is the result of collaboration PUBG MOBILE together Warframes.

Visit the official site PUBG MOBILE to find out more information about PUBG MOBILE Version 1.9.

Also get prizes in the form of 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and Nocturnal Rhapsody Helmet skin (3 days) if you update the app PUBG MOBILE to Version 1.9 in period 16 – 22 March 2022.