Raise Awareness of Gender Violence in Mexico, Activists Fly Hot Air Balloons

A group dedicated to seeking justice for victims of gender violence flew a Zepellin hot air balloon 40 meters high over Mexico City on Monday (7/3) to raise awareness on the issue of crimes against women and girls.

The hot air balloon bears the messages “nothing is forgotten,” and “10 murders of women every day.”

The action with the theme “With Pain in the Sky” initiated by the group “Fuiomos Todas” is part of the many preparations made by a number of groups to welcome International Women’s Day.

The hot air balloon was seen flying in the morning over several iconic monuments, including the Angel of Independence, Mexico’s Senate Building and the Revolutionary Monument.

“We fly with pain in the sky because we are all in the sky. We fly because the sky has no owner or government,” the association said in a press release.

“We fly because the sky has no boundaries.”

According to official Mexican federal government data, 3,753 women were murdered in 2021 which means there are 10 homicides every day, but only 1,006 cases are investigated as homicides of women.

According to the federal government, in January 2022 alone 293 women were murdered, of which 76 cases were categorized as female homicide. [em/jm]