Rare Cooking Oil, Doctors Call Now is the Right Time to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Suara.com – The scarcity of cooking oil and the increase in LPG prices have made some people complain that it is difficult to cook. However, according to the doctor, there is a positive side that can be taken from the scarcity of cooking oil. What’s that?

According to Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Prof. Ari Fahrial Syam, the scarcity of cooking oil can be a momentum to start a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s time for people to reduce fried foods. Reducing fried food means making a healthier lifestyle,” said Prof Ari in a statement received by Suara.com.

He explained, too often eating foods fried in cooking oil risks raising cholesterol levels and causing atherosclerosis. That is, the blood vessels become more sensitive and stiff. As a result, the risk of coronary heart disease also increases.

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Illustration of cooking oil.  (Pixabay/Dominic Schraudolf)
Illustration of cooking oil. (Pixabay/Dominic Schraudolf)

In line with Ari, a specialist in internal medicine, dr. RA Adaninggar, SpPD, also said that cooking oil is a source of saturated fat which is harmful to the body if consumed in excess. Therefore, the consumption of fried foods also needs to be limited.

“This cooking oil is also a source of saturated fat, which is quite dangerous for the body. Actually, we have a limit in one day to consume cooking oil,” said the doctor who is familiarly called Ning.

If the saturated fat content in cooking oil is high, it is feared that it will increase levels of bad cholesterol in the blood called low-density lipoprotein (LDL). The effect is to increase the risk of various health problems. Starting from obesity, diabetes, to coronary heart disease.

Citing recommendations from the Ministry of Health regarding a healthy lifestyle, one of them is by paying attention to fat intake which is only 67 grams or the equivalent of five tablespoons per day for each person. This means that the consumption of cooking oil per person should be less than five tablespoons per day because fat intake also comes from the side dishes consumed.

“So if (cooking oil) is scarce, then use a healthy dose and save it at the same time,” said Ning.

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He agreed that the scarcity of cooking oil was used as a momentum to change a healthier lifestyle.