Rarely Realized, It Turns Out That These Five Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf

Suara.com – Betel leaf is one of the popular herbs in Indonesia. This leaf is quite popular as a natural antiseptic to clean miss V, allergies, and other body infections.

In a study showed, betel leaf contains important substances that are effective for stopping bleeding, curing infections, and killing parasitic microorganisms.

Quoted from NetMeds, here are five other health benefits of betel leaf that you need to know.

Illustration of red betel leaf (pixabay)
Illustration of red betel leaf (pixabay)

1. Able to Relieve Constipation
Betel leaf contains antioxidants that can clean free radicals. These leaves can restore normal PH levels, as well as help relieve stomach pain and constipation. The trick, crush it and put it in the water. Then drink in the morning when the stomach is empty.

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2. Improve Digestion
Chewing betel leaf is believed to be beneficial for digestion. That happens because betel leaf has good content properties to protect the intestines. Betel leaf can increase metabolism which stimulates circulation, and stimulates the intestines to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients.

3. Reduces Breathing Problems
Betel leaf also helps treat other health problems, such as coughs and colds. Not only that, consuming this herb is also very good for dealing with your breathing problems.

4. Maintain Oral Health
Betel leaf has many antimicrobial substances, which can effectively deal with a number of bacteria in the mouth, eliminate bad odors, treat cavities, plaque, and tooth decay. Chewing the leaves can refresh your mouth.

5. Beneficial for Diabetes Patients
Several studies have shown that betel leaf can reduce blood sugar spikes for type 2 diabetes patients. The strong antioxidant content in betel leaf can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation that occurs due to uncontrolled blood glucose.

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