Realme 9 will be introduced, bringing the latest 108MP camera

  • Share, Jakarta – The appearance of the Realme 9 Pro and Pro + some time ago raised the question, where is the standard Realme 9? This question mark was finally answered after the Chinese company confirmed the presence of Realme 9 (4G) in the near future.

The Realme 9 will be the second phone from the company with a 108MP camera. Previously, there was the Realme 8 Pro which used the ISOCELL HM2 sensor made by Samsung.

Quoted Telset from GSMArena on Wednesday (30/3/2022), the latest HP from Realme will use the newest 108MP ISOCELL HM6 camera sensor.

This sensor has not yet been launched by Samsung. This latest model is also expected to be smartphone the first to use the advanced camera sensor during its official introduction.

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Realme 9 camera 108MP

This latest Realme cellphone will carry the slogan “ProLight”, which means that the 108MP camera has the ability to capture quality night photos.

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The ISOCELL HM6 sensor itself uses the latest NonaPixel Plus image capture scheme with 9-in-1 pixel binning which is 123% more sensitive to light than the ISOCELL HM2.

Claimed by Realme, this 108MP main camera is capable of producing brighter photos with much better color reproduction, especially in good conditions low light.

In addition to better capabilities for taking night photos, the presence of the 108MP ISOCELL HM6 sensor also makes this latest Realme cellphone carry the Ultra Zoom feature.

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This feature allows users to enlarge the image up to several times without losing detail and color quality.

Until now, it is not known when the latest model from the Realme series number will make its debut, including the specifications it will carry.

However, it is likely that Realme 9 will be powered by a processor that still supports 4G LTE networks, in contrast to the Pro and Pro+ models which already support fifth-generation networks. Hopefully his presence will be announced in the near future. (MF)

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