Reasons Men Are More Interested In Sex Than Women

Sex is a necessity for women or men. This has become something that is routinely fulfilled, especially for couples who are officially married.

Although it is a necessity for everyone, for some reason people often associate sex with men compared to women. This makes men seem to have a higher interest in sex when compared to women. This can happen due to the following possibilities.

1. Men are more vocal in showing interest than women

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The first reason behind it is the habit of men to tend to be more vocal about sex. This makes men tend not to hesitate to show their interest in sex.

In contrast to the habits of women. Usually women tend to be reluctant to discuss sex and this makes the sex life of women also more closed.

2. Differences in perspective between men and women

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Between men and women have different perspectives on anything. Of course this is also related to their perspective on sexual matters which is a biological need.

Men who tend to feel open and free in expressing themselves about sex certainly cannot be compared to women. This is because women will tend to be reluctant to express themselves in sexual matters.

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3. Men perceive sex as an energy booster and pleasure

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For men, the existence of sex is very important for their daily activities. No wonder if a married man would make sex as a form of need that is very important.

Many men think that sex is a way to increase energy. This makes sex not only seen as mere pleasure.

4. Women tend to be held back by prestige

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Women may find it difficult to express themselves in matters of sex. Usually the main reason for this is of course due to prestige.

Not infrequently if usually women will be reluctant to express or show interest in sexual matters. Most of them actually feel uncomfortable if they do this.

5. Men are more aggressive when it comes to sex

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When it comes to sexual attraction, there is usually a very strong stigma attached to men or women. The stigma can be of various kinds, including the assumption that men are more aggressive in sexual matters.

This assumption may be true, but that does not mean women can not be aggressive. Most men will not hesitate to show their aggressiveness in sexual matters so that they appear more dominant than women.

The perception of sexual attraction is indeed a stigma that is widely circulated in society. In fact, both women and men certainly have the same attraction, but it is shown in different ways. Don’t hit everything straight, okay!

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