Recognize 5 Foods That Can Cause Sensitive Teeth Problems – Some foods have good nutritional sources for health. But unfortunately, most other foods can also cause health risks including dental health.

For example is the problem of sensitive teeth. The cause of sensitive teeth is because they often eat sweet and cold foods. And if left unchecked, this can cause long-term damage.

Keep in mind, there are five foods that can cause sensitive teeth problems. Here’s an alert from HealthShots below.

1. Candy

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Illustration of one of the mandatory Christmas snacks, candy canes. [Shutterstock]
Illustration of candy cane. [Shutterstock]

Candy contains a source of sugar as a sweetener which if consumed in excess can cause long-term complications, one of which is damaging tooth enamel and disrupting the nerves that open in the dentin.

Sugar-rich snacks allow the bacteria in plaque to produce more acid. This can lead to cavities in the teeth.

2. Soda or Cold Drink

Illustration of a soda drink.  (
Illustration of a soda drink. (

Carbonated drinks such as soda may have a pleasant taste for those who like to consume them. But, you have to be careful with this one drink that can cause black teeth. Not only that, the teeth will also be more sensitive to and cause cavities or abscesses.

3. Fruits and Orange Drinks

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Orange juice illustration (
Orange drink illustration (

Although citrus drinks are known to contain vitamin C, the acid levels in them can damage tooth enamel and make them prone to tooth decay. Therefore, you are at risk of experiencing increased pain after consuming high levels of vitamin C drinks.

4. Ice Cream

Ice Cream Illustration.  (Pixabay/AlexRaths)
Ice Cream Illustration. (Pixabay/AlexRaths)

Ice cream not only tastes great, but also has a chilling effect. If you consume too much ice cream, this will worsen the situation and your teeth, one of which causes the pain to get worse. Because it is cold and hard, over time it can cause your teeth to chip, crack, and break.

5. Fried Chips and Wafers

Illustration of glass chips (Instagram kripik_kacajkt)
Illustration of chips (Instagram kripik_kacajkt)

You may like cassava chips and wafers because they are crunchy and spicy. However, both of these foods are rich sources of starch. This starch will turn into sugar, which can give bacteria plaque that sticks to the teeth.

In addition, spicy chips also have a high acid content, one of which can cause tooth sensitivity.