Recognize What Happens When Workers Experience Burnout – A person who experiences burnout often feels tired emotionally, mentally, and physically. One of the causes that occur is because of dependents or heavy workloads.

According to Clinical Psychologist & Co-Founder of Deep Small Talk Savira Anjani, M.Psi, burnout can occur due to ambition and too much work being taken.

“First of all, we must have ambitions or workloads that even exceed our capacity. For example, we have expectations but they are not realistic and do not match our skills,” he said at the ‘Know Your Limit and Avoid Burn Out’ Techminar event, Tuesday (22/3/ 2022).

Second, continued Savira, someone who experiences burnout also often forces himself to work harder. “Because we don’t have the capacity, it makes us tougher,” he continued.

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When we experience burout, we also often neglect our own needs. When forced to work harder, a person tends to ignore lunch hours, often work overtime, to sacrifice socializing time with friends and family.

“Even though we definitely also need to talk, vent, even meet our family and friends. So we start ignoring those needs,” explained Savira.

Savira added, if it is like this, then it can make someone unable to have time off. “So we don’t have time for ourselves,” said Savira.

“Even feel in denial and withdraw. Like lazy to go to the office, lazy to work, assignments, even people. So you feel like an introvert,” he concluded.

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