Recommendation & Build Melissa Sick & Emblem 2022

Build Melissa Hurt – Moonton as a Mobile Legends game developer is never bored to provide the best service by presenting interesting events, new heroes and skins for free and much more.

Not long ago Moonton has presented a new hero in Mobile Legends named Melissa. With the presence of a new hero named Melissa, this certainly makes Mobile Legends game lovers confused about the hurt Melissa Build.

Melissa is a Marksman role hero, fans of the Marksman role must use Melissa as a mainstay hero. In addition to her unique skills, Melissa also has a very deadly Burst Damage and is feared by opponents during the War. But to be able to produce deadly Burst Damage, you have to add the sick Melissa Build.

Well, for players who are still confused about what the sickest Melissa build is that is suitable to be combined with this Marksman hero. You don’t need to worry, because in this discussion Ulingame will provide information about the selection of the sickest Melissa Build along with the selection of Emblems and Battle Spells below.

Melissa Mobile Legends

Melissa Mobile Legends Build Melissa Hurts

Before continuing on the main discussion about the sick Melissa Build, Ulingame will give a little explanation about Melissa’s hero. Melissa is a new hero that was released on February 22, 2022 with the role of Marksman Reap/Damage in Mobile Legends.

This hero has a very unique ability that is different from other heroes, because Melissa can use her doll to add damage when attacking an opponent.

For fans of the Marksman role in Mobile Legends, of course, you must try this Melissa hero. Because Melissa can do big damage with her Burst Damage. Of course, with the appearance of Melissa in Mobile Legends, she will become one of the banned subscription heroes in the Legend to Mythic Rank tier mode.

Melissa Pain Stats

mobile phone2460Where448
HP Regen6.6Where’s Regen15
Physical Attack115Magic Power0
Physical Defense18Magic Defense15
Attack Speed0.94Movement Speed248
Attack Speed100%

Build Items that hurt Melissa

In the following, Ulingame has recommended some of the sickest build items that you should use when using Melissa at push rank so that you can produce very large damage and easily win the match.

Melissa’s Sick Emblem

Melissa's Emblem Tersakit Build Melissa's Sick

When playing Mobile Legends using Melissa’s hero, players must add the Emblem feature. Because the emblem has a very important function, namely adding Melissa’s status so that it can produce even greater damage.

For those of you who are still confused about which type of emblem to combine into Melisa’s hero, Ulingame strongly recommends that you use the Marksman emblem. Because Melissa herself is a typical character who needs Attack Speed. For the arrangement of the emblem settings, you can follow the arrangement of the sets below.

  1. Slots 1: Brevery Lv 3 (Physical Attack +12.00)
  2. Slots 2: Swift Lv 3 (Attack Speed ​​+5.00%)
  3. Emblem Talent: Weakness Finder Lv 1 (Gives 20% Basic Attack aimed at reducing the opponent’s Movement SPD 90% & Attack Speed ​​50% for a short time (long range) Talent effect has a cooldown of 2 seconds)

Melissa’s Battle Spell

Battle Spell Melissa Build Melissa Hurt

In addition to adding the sick Emblem of Melissa, you also have to add one of the battle spells. Now Ulingame will recommend the 2 best Battle Spell options for Melissa to use, namely Flicer and Inspire.


The purpose of using the Battle Spell Flicker is to avoid ganking attacks from the opponent or to chase the opponent if the HP condition is low.


As for Battle Spell Insper, it is useful to add Attack Speed ​​​​by 55% in 5 seconds.

The final word

That’s the review regarding the selection of the Ulingame version of the Ulingame Build Melissa along with other explanations such as the arrangement of the best emblem sets and battle spells. Hopefully the information above can help Mobile Legends players find the best build item for the new Melissa hero.