Recommended Build Carmilla Sick & Emblem 2022

Build Carmilla Hurts – For lovers of the Mobile Legends game who are confused about finding a combination of Build and the sick Carmilla Emblem. On this occasion, Ulingame will help Mobile Legends players to find the best Build.

Carmilla is a hero with the Support Damage role, but this hero also has other advantages such as being able to be placed in the Carmilla damage build Explaner role, Semi Tank and Tank.

With the presence of the sick Carmilla build hero, the Mobile Legends game is increasingly popular because of the presence of new patches and meta fun to play.

Of course, this makes many people curious about the selection of the sickest Carmilla build in the Land of Dawn and the combination of emblems and Battle spells.

Carmilla Mobile Legends

Carmilla Mobile Legends Build Carmilla Hurts

Carmilla is the strongest Mobile Legends hero who can fill 3 roles at once as Offlaner Explane, Support and Tank. Carmilla has very strong defense and good mobility to use.

Carmilla has a skill that is very much feared by opponents, because it has different advantages from other heroes. In the Earlygame phase, if Carmilla is used as a semi tank, it can disrupt the opponent’s farming by using Carmilla’s regen and slow effects. In addition, the Carmilla skill is also feared by opponents because it can add Movement Speed ​​and give a human stun effect to one of the heroes.

Carmilla herself is known to have a partner in Mobile Legends, namely Cecilion who has a Mage hero role with abilities not much different.

Carmilla stats

mobile phone2528Where431
HP Regen7.8Where’s Regen16
Physical Attack126Magic Power0
Physical Defense25Magic Defense15
Attack Speed1.14Movement Speed255
Attack Speed100%

Build Carmilla Hurts

For Mobile Legends players who want to use the sick Carmilla build, below, Ulingame has prepared a selection of the deadliest build combinations for Carmilla that you can use.

Build Carmilla Sick Semi Tank

If you want to play Carmilla as a Semi Tank role, you can use a combination of thick Carmilla builds but can give the following painful damage.

Carmilla Emblem

There are 2 options that you can use when using Carmilla’s hero, namely Carmilla with the worst damage and Semi Tank but can do big damage. You can choose one of the emblems below.

Carmilla Damage Emblem hurts

Emblem Carmilla Damage Build Carmilla Hurt
  1. Slot Emblems: Agility Level 2 (Movement Speed ​​+4.00% > Next level Movement Speed ​​+6.00%) + Flow Level 1 (Magic Power +4.00 > Next level Magic Power +8.00)
  2. Emblem Slots: Observation Level 3 (Magic PEN +6.00)
  3. Emblem: Impure Rage Level 1 (Deals additional Magic Damage of 4% of the enemy’s HP and Restores 2% of Max Mana, the effect has a cooldown of 3 seconds)

Emblem of Carmilla Sick Semi Tank

Carmilla Semi Tank Emblem Build Carmilla Hurt
  1. Emblem Slots: Shield Lv 1 (Magical Defense +4.00 > Next level Magical Defense +8.00) + Firmness Lv 2 (Physical Defense +8.00 > Next level Physical Defense +12.00)
  2. Emblem Slots: Purity Level 2 (Magical DFND +5.00% until next Level Magical DFND +8.00%) + Fortress Lv 1 (Physical Defense +2.50% > Next level +5.00%)
  3. Emblem Slots: Concussive Blast Level 1 (1 second)

Battle Spell Carmilla Hurts

Battle Spell Carmilla Build Carmilla Hurt

Of course, with the build and the sickest emblem, there are 2 choices, for Battle Spell there are also 2 that you can choose from. Ulingame recommends using Flicker or Vengeance.

If the Carmilla you are using is placed as a Damage Offliner then use Vengeance. However, if the Carmilla you are using is placed as a Semi Tank, then use Spell Flicker to chase and lock your opponent or run away when ganking.

The final word

That’s a complete discussion about the sick Carmilla Build along with the selection of emblems for damage and the Ulingame version of the semi tank. Hopefully the information above can be useful and can help ML players find the worst Carmilla build.