Regular Tiktok Invitation Code & How to Enter Tiktok Referral Code

  • Share – The Tiktok application is increasingly being sought and used as an alternative to entertainment in the form of short videos. This is evident from the number of users when viewed through the Playstore. Apparently not without reason, because apart from being entertaining, Tiktok can also be used as a way to earn online income just by using Tiktok invitation code.

How did it happen? It’s possible, what can’t be done with today’s super-advanced technology. Therefore, on this occasion, we will explain about the referral code or Tiktok invitation code, whether it’s understanding, how to get it and also the problems that often occur.

What is Tiktok Invitation Code?

An invitation code or referral code is a unique code that is used to invite other friends to join using the Tiktok application. With this code, you get income from every friend who joins.

For example, if you distribute an invitation code to several friends, it turns out that one of your friends is interested and creates a new Tiktok account with the code you distributed, then you will get around 60 thousand rupiah. It’s only for one friend who joins, what if 10, 20 etc.?

Regular Tiktok Invitation Code

For those of you who want to earn from the tiktok application. Please you can join using the tiktok application by downloading the tiktok application at the following link After that, follow the event on tiktok using the invitation code GBCW8M22EPYUB

Advantages of Creating Tiktok Account With Invitation Code

Actually, to create a Tiktok account, you can directly download and install the application on the Playstore. But you don’t get any advantage when compared to entering or using an invitation code.

In this case, let’s say that you are a user who doesn’t have a Tiktok account, and then you immediately create an account through the Playstore, so you will not benefit from this method. It’s different if you use the Tiktok referral code, then you immediately get 10 thousand rupiah that goes into the new account.

Terms of Getting Money with Invitation Code

If you already know the meaning of the invitation code and the benefits you get, it’s time you also have to know what are the conditions that must be met. Since there are two parties involved, namely you and a friend who will be invited, then the requirements are more or less as follows!

  • Every user who has created a Tiktok account is entitled and sure to get one invitation code.
  • New users who register with the referral code get a balance of 10 thousand rupiah which is directly entered into the account.
  • For existing users who successfully invite new users, they will get an award of 60 thousand rupiah which is also entered directly into their account.
  • New users only get one chance to enter the invitation code, this means that once you register an account with a friend’s invitation code, you cannot enter another invitation code.
  • The invitation code that is in each account can be used many times as long as it is with a different new account. This is what many online fighters use to get as many new members as possible.
  • Tiktok users must be at least 18 years old, meaning that children are not allowed to use this app.

How to View TikTok Invitation Code

Already understand what is meant by a Tiktok referral code but still don’t know where it is? It’s just a lie because you can’t invite friends to join. Relax, you can follow these steps to find out!

  • Open the already installed Tiktok application.
  • Select “I” with the person icon at the bottom right.
  • Click the RP button at the top left.
  • Continue with the button tab “law“.
  • Look at the random numbers and letters in the column, that’s the intended invitation code. Copy the code or you can directly click “law” to get a balance of 60,000 rupiah from every new friend who joins.

How to Enter the Latest Tiktok Referral Code

If the method above is that you as an invitee are entitled to rewards of 60 thousand rupiah, this time you are the one who was invited and are entitled to get 10 thousand rupiah when entering the invitation code.

The method is not much different, it’s just that it is located in the column provided. To be more clear, follow these few easy steps!

  • Open the Tiktok app.
  • RP icon tab as above.
  • On the new page, there is an invitation code column listed, enter the code GBCW8M22EPYUB
  • After making sure that the code is filled in correctly, tab the button “confirmation“.

Try to check whether your balance has increased by 10 thousand or not, if not, please refresh your Tiktok account and try to check again.

Why Can’t Enter TikTok Invite Code?

Some common problems occur with Tiktok invitation codes, one of which is not being able to enter the code. What is the cause of not being able to enter the Tiktok invitation code and how to solve it?

1. Have You Installed TikTok Before

The first reason could be because the device you are using has already created a Tiktok account before. This problem can be solved if the cellphone used is factory reset. Another solution, you can use an application that can double your Tiktok account.

2. Have You Entered the Tiktok Invitation Code?

Since a new user is only entitled to enter one invitation code, perhaps the second reason is that you have entered the code before. The solution is also the same as the first one, you have to do a hard reset or use a multiplier application.

Suggestions and Closing

Those are some things related to Tiktok invitation code, a little advice from us, no need to do a hard reset which can erase all device data. If you really want to earn a lot of money, use how to get Tiktok coins which we have discussed before.

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