Remove Word’s Red Line-See Here For How!! Latest of the Year

How to Remove Red Lines in Word- Even though you have been using the computer for a long time, you may not know how to get rid of the red line in Word.

Microsoft Office is a desktop program that can help us facilitate work or tasks.

As usual write, count, even make and make presentations.

There are several programs offered by Microsoft Office, one of which is Microsoft Word.

And word is one of the most widely used programs from students to workers, and even this has become one of the compulsory subjects for school children.

However, while typing sometimes you are interrupted by red lines written in Word.

But don’t worry, with just a few steps you can easily remove the red line.

Removing the Red Line in Word 2016 and Up

How to Remove Red Lines in Word

If you are only using the latest version of Word like 2016, 2017 or 2018, you may be confused as to why there are red lines under the words you type.

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How to get rid of red underline in Word 2016

Please open the Word document file that you want to remove the red line from.

Next, click File in Then, several menu options will appear. Here you just need to click on the “options” menu below.

The options window will appear. Now you can click directly on the option proof .

  • Uncheck the settings section

Furthermore, in this proofing window, you can adjust it so that the red line in Word disappears. You can do this by unchecking the “settings” section.Check Spelling as You Type “. In addition, if you also want to remove the green line. Then sign the fence in the section Mark grammar errors as you type.

Save the settings, press “OK”, Done, the red line in Word will now be removed automatically.

You need to know, when you make settings to remove red lines in Word.

And, all documents on your computer will not appear red line when you open the document.

How to Remove Red Lines in Word 2010 and Down

For those of you who are still using versions of Word 2010, 2007, and 2003, you can also easily remove the red line in a few steps.

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How to show and remove red lines in Word 2010 and below:

  • The first step you need to do is to open a Word document which will remove the red line. The next step is to click the Office button in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Office Word window.
  • After that, several menus will appear. then open the word options menu.
  • Once the Word Options window opens, select Checklist. Then, several setting options will appear. Here you will uncheck the spelling as you type and grammatical errors as you type. If so, press “Press” to save the settings.
  • This way, not all documents that you open in Word will have red and green lines.

Red line function in Word

So what exactly is the function of the red line? Have you ever asked this?

You should know, The function of the red line is to detect typos, or what you usually know as typos.

Green line function in Word

Not only red lines, in Word also often appear green lines.

This line aims to check for grammatical incompetence in English.

So with this green line you no longer need to double check the rules.

Unfortunately, these red and green lines are useless if you write articles in Indonesian. Because these two features will work correctly in English writing.

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Well, so that’s how to get rid of the red line on Microsoft Word that some people don’t know about, you can follow the steps, hopefully it’s useful.