Requirements for registering for Gojek Online 2022 and how to register for GoRide – Hi gang, back again with mimin on mypoint. If we have previously discussed about how to register GoCar as an opportunity to make your culinary business a success, this time mimin will share how to become a Gojek partner in the Go Ride service. Curious about the tutorial? Check out the full review below.

Ojol or online motorcycle taxi is a transportation service that you can use anywhere and anytime. Currently it is very easy for us to find motorcycle taxis online, only through a smartphone connected to the internet network you can order transportation online, of course this service is very helpful.

One company that has developed and provided online transportation services is GoJek. Maybe the name is very familiar to our ears because GoJek itself is already present in various cities throughout Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Semarang, Bali and others.

GoJek consumers, especially in big cities, are increasing and cannot be separated from various GoJek services.

Gojek Online Registration Jobs 2022

Gojek Online Registration Jobs 2022

Now GoJek is looking for as many workers as possible to become their partners in the Go-Ride section. Because there are so many services provided by GoJek and users of this application are also increasing, so GoJek needs more workers who are willing to become one of the GoJek or Go Ride drivers.

Of course, this opportunity is perfect for those of you who are confused about finding work during a pandemic like this. It is undeniable that some Indonesians who have vehicles, both cars and motorbikes, make the GoJek driver profession as their main job.

Even though being a GoJek Driver can be done part time or just as a side job. Therefore, not a few office workers are looking at this opportunity, because it is proven that being a GoJek driver can increase their income every month.

Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity, as long as you have a Smartphone, SIM, and a vehicle, of course, you can register for Go Ride online.

Registering as a GoJek or Go Ride driver is indeed very easy to do, but there are several things you need to pay attention to, such as knowing the conditions that apply and preparing the required documents.

If you are at the GoJek office center, you can register by visiting the GoJek office near you, but if you are far from a big city, you can do it online through the official GoJek website.

Even though on the GoJek official website, what terms and conditions are available, there are still many who are confused about registering online because there are no detailed instructions or tutorials from their official website.

Therefore, on this occasion, Mimin will share information about what conditions are needed and the steps you can follow for How to Register for GoRide through the official GoJek website.

Requirements for Registering Go Ride

Requirements for Registering Go Ride

To be a part of GoJek, in this case a Go Ride partner, of course, not just anyone can register. There are several terms and conditions that must be considered before registering for Go Ride, which are as follows.

Worker Terms

  • Maximum age of prospective drivers is 35 years
  • Must have an Android smartphone with a minimum RAM capacity of 1 GB with a 5 inch screen
  • Prospective Go Ride drivers must have an active SIM C
  • Prospective Go Ride drivers must have an active ID card
  • Prospective Go Ride drivers are required to have SKCK or Legalized
  • For TNI or Polri, it is mandatory to have a Membership Card

Vehicle Terms

  • Prospective Driver has a vehicle with an active STNK
  • Minimum year of motorcycle manufacture 2011.

For more details, you can directly check the terms and conditions that apply to become a part or partner of Gojek Online or Go-Ride here.

Steps to Register GoRide

Steps to Register Go Ride(1)

After knowing and fulfilling these requirements, you can now register for Go Ride online through the official Go Jek website. So that you are not confused, you can listen and follow the steps below.

However, you need to know that you can register for Go Ride using a PC/Laptop, Android Smartphone and IPhone, but more people use an Android smartphone because it is considered simpler and easier.

Therefore, below is how to register for GoRide through the official GoJek website using an Android smartphone.

1. Visit the official website of

The first step you have to do, of course, is to visit the official website from GoJek through the browser application from your smartphone. After entering the main page, a form will appear that must be completed.

  • Complete the First and Last Name fields first.
  • Then enter an active Email address in the Email field.
  • Fill in the Telephone Number Column and make sure the number you registered is an active number
  • Customize the City where you live.
  • Complete the Vehicle Number column if it appears on the page of the site.
  • If you have met the applicable terms and conditions, then please tick next to the words “I agree to the Terms and Conditions”
  • The last step is to re-check all the data that you have filled in then click Register

2. Verification Process

After successfully registering, you will receive a verification code via SMS sent by GoJek to the phone number that you previously registered. Next you will be taken to the verification code page, please enter the 4-digit code that you got from the SMS, then press Send to start the verification process.

3. Data Filling

After successfully carrying out the verification process, you will then be redirected to the data entry page. The data entry menu that you must fill in is as follows.

4. Complete the Personal Data Form

The first menu that you must fill in is the personal data form, you can complete the form by filling in the emergency phone number, full address where you live, selecting the location of the nearest GoJek office, and writing down your previous work.

5. Upload Document

After you complete the menu for filling in your personal data, then return to the menu page and then click the Upload document menu. There are several documents that you must upload, such as a photo of your ID card, SKCK, SIM, and STNK.

Of course, when uploading these files it cannot be done arbitrarily, there are several things that must be considered in uploading documents so that they can be processed by GoJek.

Make sure the photo of your KTP, STNK, SIM and SKCK is taken from above with supporting lighting conditions so that the photo looks clear and doesn’t get blurry. The maximum uploaded photo file size is 10 MB, and use image file formats such as jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tiff and bmp.

6. Confirm

After all the menus for filling in the data are completed, then you can press the send button. Later you will receive a message via SMS regarding the confirmation of the results of your registration.

If your data has been verified, you will receive an SMS containing a message so that you complete the registration process by visiting the nearest GoJek operational office in your city.

Download the GoJek Online Go-Ride Apk Application

Furthermore, if you have completed all stages in the registration process, now you can download the GoJek application via the Playstore and you are officially a GoJek partner for GoRide services.

Those are more or less a few steps on how to register as a GoRide partner, which I have summarized successfully. If there is something you don’t understand from the above review, you can ask it through the comments column below.

Remember, gang, while there is still a chance, don’t be lazy. Enthusiasm, collect Gopek by using GoJek and follow the health protocol. That’s how to register for GoRide either offline or come directly to the office and also via the application.