Requirements for Registering Go Car Drivers and How to Register for the Latest GoCar 2022 – Mobility is currently getting denser and increasing, because transportation can already be said to be one of the most important needs in people’s lives.

However, unfortunately not all Indonesian people can afford to buy a vehicle or means of transportation. Therefore, there are now available online motorcycle taxis that can help and make it easier for people to travel. Online transportation is an alternative choice for many people, especially in today’s digital era.

Currently, there are companies that provide online transportation services in our midst. GoJek is an application-based technology company founded by Nadiem Makarim.

This company was founded in 2010, and until now GoJek enthusiasts or users are increasing. GoJek provides two online transportation services, namely motorbikes and cars.

Of course, online transportation services from GoJek are able to attract the attention of many people. Consumers in big cities are also increasing, so GoJek needs more people who are willing to work as drivers GoJek.

Seeing this opportunity, not a few people who own a car have registered to become a GoJek driver in a service called GoCar.

Working as a GoCar driver is one of the most fun jobs, why is that? because this work can be done part time or can be used as a side job. however, the income generated is very tempting and you can also get bonuses that are easy to cash out within 24 hours. Of course, this job can give you additional income every month.

To register as a GoCar driver is not much different from registering for GoRide, which I have summarized some time ago. In addition to being required to have a car, there are several conditions that you must fulfill before registering for GoCar. Below is a full review of how to register for GoCar online, which I have successfully summarized.

Terms and Practical Ways to Register for GoCar

Terms and Practical Ways to Register for GoCar

If previously registering as a GoCar driver had to be done directly by visiting the nearest GoJek head office in your city, now to register for GoJek can be done very practically and easily, only with a smartphone and a stable internet network you can register GoCar while lying down.

Although the current way to register for GoCar is fairly easy, not everyone can register as a Gojek partner in a GoCar merchant. In addition to having a vehicle in the form of a car, there are several conditions that you must fulfill before deciding to register for Gocar. Here are the terms and conditions that you must understand.

Requirements for Prospective GoCar Drivers

  • Half body selfie with a clear face
  • Original valid ID card
  • Must have a SIM that is still valid for the next 6 months
  • Have an active SKCK
  • Have a phone number that is easy to contact
  • Have an Android Smartphone that has the GO-CAR Driver application installed
  • Have an active Gmail Email
  • Have a bank account (BCA, Mandiri, CIMB, BNI, etc.)

Conditions For Vehicles

  • 2012 car production year and above
  • All types of passenger cars can be used for GoCar such as SUV, MPV, Sedan, Coupe, Convertible, Crossover, Hatchback and others.
  • The car must have a CC engine above 1000 cc
  • The photo of the car from the front and the license plate number are clearly visible
  • Photo of STNK front and back
  • KIR which is optional, sometimes needed and sometimes not
  • Have a domicile letter if the car plate number is different from the area where you live
  • Rename letter (optional if any)

How to Register GoCar

How to Register Gocar

After knowing and completing the requirements above, you can register GoCar online through the official website of GoJek by visiting the website

On this page you will be directed gradually, but even so, not a few feel confused when going through the registration process. Therefore, Mimin has provided steps that you can follow to make the Gocar registration process easier for you.

1. Visit the Site

To start the registration process please browse the site through the browser application on the device you are using. However, before that, make sure you have a stable internet connection so that the registration process runs smoothly.

2. Registration

If you have successfully entered the official website page above, then please scroll down the page, then you will find a form that you must complete, make sure to fill in the data correctly and appropriately because the data you enter will greatly affect the registration process.

There are several data that you must enter in the form, such as your name, active telephone number, email address, and the city where you live.

If all the fields have been filled in and you feel they are correct, then you can agree to all the terms and conditions that apply by checking the column “I agree to the terms and conditions” then click the “Register” button.

3. Registration Verification

In the third step, you will automatically receive an SMS sent to your phone number. The SMS contains a 4-digit number as a verification code. If you do not receive a verification SMS, please click “Resend OTP” then immediately enter the OTP code that has been sent, the verification process with this OTP code only has 60 seconds.

4. Complete the Profile Dashboard

If the verification process is successful, then you will be asked to complete your personal data on the profile, according to the available fields, there are several complementary documents that you need to prepare, such as an ID card, driver’s license, SKCK, to an account.

5. Upload Required Documents

The next step is to upload complementary documents. Please tap the “upload” button then upload your photo, SIM, SKCK, KTP and STNK alternately according to the available fields.

Make sure the documents are in .jpg format. and the document size is not more than 10 MB. If all the documents have been uploaded then just click “Send”

6. Registration Confirmation

After completing all the required data, make sure again whether the data is correct before proceeding to the next stage. If it is deemed correct, then you can press the ‘YES’ button to send data to the Go-Car registration system.

7. Validation of Data and Documents by Gojek Pihak

The registration process hasn’t finished yet, gang, the next step is after you send some of the documents above, then Gojek will carry out a verification process for your request.

If you qualify and meet the requirements, GoJek will send a message via your active phone number or via email. In the message, you will be asked to go to the nearest GoJek head office from your city to do a test and complete some of the necessary documents.

However, if there is an error in the data or document you entered, Gojek will send a message and you will be asked to revise the data if it is still not appropriate.

Download the Go-Car App

Download the Go-Car App

After all the above processes have been successful, then you have successfully registered for GoCar, then you only need to activate your GoCar account by first downloading the GoCar application. drivers on your smartphone, and you can already receive orders from customers.

New GoCar Application Features 2022

Currently the GoCar application has provided the latest facilities and features that can make it easier for users to run the GoCar application comfortably. The facilities and features available in the application are as follows:

1. Travel Insurance

GoCar users currently don’t need to worry if they experience the risk of driving, because GoCar has provided and provided health insurance directly from the Jasa Raharja company.

2. Instant GoCar

In the environment in big cities, there are already available points or spots where the official GoCar driver base is via GoCar Instant. This facility can make it easier for GoCar users to place orders and choose a pick-up location.

3. GoCar L

If you want to travel with more than 4 passengers, you can use the GoCar L service. By using this service you can order a car with a larger size and can accommodate more than 4 people, a maximum of 6 passengers. Of course with this service you can travel comfortably while in the car.

4. Emergency Button

Another very important feature is the emergency button. This feature is very useful for drivers and passengers, if things happen that can harm each other, such as criminal acts, sexual harassment and others. The emergency button will be available when the driver or passenger is on the way.

That’s a brief review on how to register for the latest GoCar 2021. If you are bored at home and the car is idle, register for GoCar, gang, counting to increase your income during the pandemic. However, you must remain vigilant and always apply the health protocol.

Hopefully the brief review above can be useful, yes, and to support our website, please share the information above with your relatives, friends and relatives who need it through the social media you have.