Research on the Long Covid-19 Problem in Children is Minimal, Experts Warn the Risks! – So far, many studies have only highlighted the impact of Long Covid-19 on adults. Meanwhile, the impact on children is less of a concern.

In fact, quite a lot of children have experienced Long Cobid-19. Recently, Deepti Gurdasani, an expert on Long Covid-19 expressed his opinion regarding the latest corona virus crisis.

According to Deepti Gurdasani, children are actually at risk of experiencing the adverse effects of Long Covid-19 because many have not been vaccinated.

Now, Long Covid-19 has become one of the most dangerous conditions for children. In fact, the number of deaths from Covid-19 each year has exceeded the number of deaths from all other diseases, especially in children.

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“I suggest paying less attention to children who are developing chronic diseases. I can’t explain whether other diseases have the same level of impact or not,” Deepti Gurdasani was quoted as saying. Express.

Illustration of the Corona virus Long Covid-19 (Pixabay/educadormarcossv)
Illustration of the Corona virus Long Covid-19 (Pixabay/educadormarcossv)

Doctor Gurdasati is not tired of the impact of Long Covid-19 on children. However, it is important to realize that Long Covid-19 is different from other chronic diseases in that it is necessary to study its impact on all age groups.

“The problem is that the corona virus can cause very specific damage to different organs of the body. Lack of research and training for doctors increases the risk that many patients do not receive proper care,” he explained.

According to Gurdasari, the difficulties that may be faced by experts are not knowing how to treat the condition and how to diagnose it.

Moreover, the lack of research on this in children makes many patients who do not receive treatment or do not know they have Long Covid-19.

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