Residents +62 Please Close Up, There’s Good News About Covid-19 from the Ministry of Health – After experiencing a spike for some time, now there is good news regarding the development of Covid-19 in Indonesia. Quoted from the Ministry of Health website, daily cases at the end of the week fell to 34,976 Sunday (27/2) compared to the previous day’s position of 46,643 (26/2022).

As of Saturday (26/2222), the average decline in daily cases for this week has reached 7.87 percent. Today (27/2), the number of patients treated in hospitals nationally was observed to have fallen back to 35 percent. The day before, Covid-19 isolation and intensive beds nationwide were at the level of 36 percent.

In addition, the trend of testing (testing) is also maintained at the level of 400-500 thousand per day. On Saturday (26/2022) the tested specimens reached 491,130. This figure is slightly better than last Friday (25/22022) which recorded 484,532 specimens tested. Meanwhile, the positivity rate on Saturday (26/2) fell to 15.91 percent compared to Friday (25/2022) which was recorded at 17.93 percent.

Corona virus illustration. [Antara]
Corona virus illustration. [Antara]

“Indicators of improvement in the handling of Covid-19, such as the national bed occupancy ratio (BOR), have begun to show a decline since Saturday (26/2). Then followed by a decrease in the positivity rate. Hopefully, with our joint efforts, we can soon pass the period of dominance of the Omicron variant in Indonesia. However, we must continue to be vigilant by always complying with health protocols,” said dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi M. Epid., Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Vaccination of the Ministry of Health.

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Nadia also said that the Covid-19 handling measures taken by the government to contain the Covid-19 transmission rate were continuously updated following the database and cases in the field. This scientific approach makes room for improvisation so that handling tactics are faster and more efficient.

The Ministry of Health is able to continue to reduce the burden of hospital occupancy after listening to expert input, by only treating patients with moderate to critical symptoms and those with comorbidities in the hospital.

It is known that the Omicron variant causes milder symptoms to patients, especially for those who have received complete and booster vaccinations, this has initiated the Ministry of Health to implement a policy of self-isolation and centralized isolation for asymptomatic (OTG) and mild symptomatic patients from the start.