Revealed, the reason MiFans are loyal Xiaomi users – Xiaomi has implanted the image as smartphone low price with good specifications.

Thus, the cheap image and qualified specifications on Xiaomi have made many Indonesians flock to become MiFans, who are touted as hard-line or militant Xiaomi fans.

In addition, Xiaomi’s service center and quality have received recognition from MiFans.

Including two men from Purwokerto, Faiz and Zidni, who have dedicated themselves as MiFans, revealed the reasons for choosing Xiaomi as their flagship device.

Community Week: MiFans Local Militants Guard Xiaomi Products

“The first time I met Xiaomi, the first time I had friends. I liked it right away, so the specs are good, the camera is good,” said Faiz when he was a guest on the program ‘Community Week: Militancy Local Mi Fans Control Xiaomi Products’ which airs live on the YouTube channel., Friday (25/2/2022).

In addition, said Faiz, Xiaomi has a low price. “Third, the warranty is clear, official, at that time there was already a MiFans community in Purwokerto. Xiaomi info was also from the community, I also like it, there is a community,” said Faiz.

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Zidni, who is also a guest of Community Week, said that when he decided to buy a Xiaomi product, he first saw the low price.

“The Indonesian people ask for the cheapest price but good specifications are the same as affordable prices for Indonesians, the second is the specifications,” said Zidni.

In addition, he added, don’t ask if it’s about the camera and Xiaomi’s own software, namely MIUI, can get updates.

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