Review of Persona 5: The Adventures of the Desire Thief Group

If you mention the PS4 JRPG game, never forget Persona 5. Actually, in terms of the battle system, Persona 5 still uses the traditional JRPG mechanism. As we all know, JRPGs are very different from western RPGs, which focus on freedom of choice. Japanese RPG games offer a new style, namely a linear but immersive story with strong characters.

Persona 5

Likewise with Persona 5 which is the sixth series of Persona which is part of the Megami Tensei franchise. This JRPG game which was also released for PS3 also offers something interesting, namely the main character who is a high school student who does not have a name.

So, how is the next journey experienced by the protagonist? So, to know more details, the editor of Buddygame will provide a deeper explanation about one of them best JRPG games on PS4 which you have to play.

Persona 5

Plot of Persona 5: The Phantom Thieves’ Journey in Stealing Human Desire

The story of this JRPG game begins with the main character with glasses who doesn’t have a name and is expelled from his old school. Instead of being rewarded for protecting a girl who was a victim of sexual harassment, the protagonist is expelled from her school. He was eventually sent to Tokyo and lived in a house belonging to someone named Sojiro Sakura in order to fulfill his probationary period.

Persona 5

Upon his arrival to his new school, Shujin Academy, he is trapped inside a mysterious castle that has a king who is similar to the volleyball coach from the school where the protagonist studies. In addition, he will meet Morgana, a cat who can talk. In the middle of nowhere, he met a scary monster and almost died because of it. He survived thanks to being saved by a creature in a body named Persona who had great power.

Persona 5

Then, Morgana informs that the place she visited before is “Palace” which is a representation of one’s worst lust. Therefore, when you enter the Palace, you see a school volleyball coach named Suguru Kamoshida who becomes the king of a castle. The presence of the school volleyball coach represents a person’s evil behavior and lust. Together with his two friends, Ryuji and Ann, the main protagonist finds their Persona.

Eventually Morgana, Ryuji, and Ann form The Phantom Thieves whose goal is to restore the city by stealing damage from adults’ hearts. Over time, the members of The Phantom Thieves grew, and they stole the attention of people and the police, including Sae Nijima who is a prosecutor, and also a detective named Goro Akechi. The members of The Phantom Thieves discover that another secret group is using the Metaverse to kill its targets.

The Exciting Adventure of the Thieves of Desire

The Phantom Thieves itself is a group of thieves containing young children who have the aim of stealing the desires that exist in corruptors and criminals who are legally never successful in the process. According to the members of The Phantom Thieves, the actions of these people are very bad desires in their bodies.

Persona 5

That’s the outline of the story plot owned by Persona 5. Apart from an interesting story, the main attraction of this game is the environment of big cities in Japan which is quite similar to the original version. Not only that, the art style of the fifth Persona series is very cool and feels very young.
In addition, while having a background in big cities in Japan, Atlus also presents activities in the city of Tokyo that are similar to the original.

You can visit several places such as the Maid Cafe and also watch movies at the cinema. In addition, you can also use the subway. Atlus also paid great attention to details. You will see the sweet change of day and night, the changing weather and also the small details when you are in the train, for example if you leave in the morning, you can stand because the train is full.

Conclusion: A Deep and Dark Story Wrapped in a Colorful World

Of course Persona 5 is a game that should not be missed. Although the game is wrapped in an anime-style environment, it has a dark and very serious story. If you are interested in playing it, you can buy it now,