Rewardff2022 Com Lucky Spin Free Fire Skin & Diamond FF Free ? – For those of you who are hunting for free events, the presence of the site Rewardff2022 Com certainly brings its own happiness. The reason is, you can get attractive prizes for characters, Jordan shoes, FF skins, and much more. Moreover, the way to get it is very easy, maybe even unreasonable. Apart from that, here we will provide information about the website in question. Starting from how to use it, the list of prizes given, as well as reviews that can be taken into consideration.

Free Fire online games are always interesting to discuss because there is a lot of material to talk about. This game made by Garena is able to attract more than 1 billion users, a number that cannot be underestimated for a battle royale game. Not without reason, there are many items, skins and bundles that can be used to complete the game. The more and more complete the items you bring to the battle, the easier it will be to win, Booyah!

Previously we have shared another site that also has the same function, namely EventFF As it is known that the site can no longer be used, maybe because of the many reports that made the site removed from the internet. Does really deliver as promised? Will the website actually experience the same thing as before? We’ll see later! For now, let’s try it together and see if it really works.

Review Rewardff2022 Com 2021 Spin

Rewardff2022 Com

This site or website that claims to be a giver of free prizes uses a spin system. At least that’s what most of the survivors who are hunting for prizes from free events like this think. Even though it’s not actually a spin, it’s more accurate to choose the prize you want.

Until now, prize collection can only be done through a Facebook account. So for those who want to take a google account rewardff2022 com, maybe next time the developer will add Google as a condition for taking the prize. However, there are still no reports regarding the veracity of this website. You have to be careful if you want to try to get free gifts from there.

If there is a question, is the event from the site above official from Garena? The answer is of course no. Because if it’s from Garena, of course the related information is listed on their official website. The link is created by a third party who wants to ‘share’ free gifts in a very easy way. Whether this is true or not, there is still no evidence and you can try it yourself.

Rewardff2022.Com Event Prize List

Bundles, skins, characters, pets and other items in the FF online game can be purchased by purchasing using diamonds. Meanwhile, to get diamonds, of course, you have to top up. The price is not cheap, with 20,000 rupiah, you only get 140 FF diamonds. Meanwhile, the price of skins, bundles and any items in the FF shop menu is much more expensive than the number of diamonds.

It’s not wrong if many survivors want to take advantage of sites like Rewardff2022 Com to get free gifts. What prizes can be found there? There are at least three categories of items that can be obtained, namely bundles, weapons and diamonds. From these categories, there are many choices to choose from. Here are the details of the prizes that can be obtained!

  • Full set bundles.
  • Weapon.
  • Various kinds of skins.
  • Diamonds in the amount of 1200 to 15000.
  • Booyah Emotes!
  • Shirts, pants, hats and shoes.
  • ETC.

Does the Rewardff2022 Com Site Work?

Free fire free skins and diamonds are always being hunted by free fire game lovers. There are various ways that free fire game players do to get these freebies. One of them is through the Rewardff2022 Com site. It’s just that many still don’t know and question whether the site really works or not?

For those of you who don’t know the truth about the Rewardff2022 Com site which is claimed to be able to get free ff skins and diamonds, of course you are curious. It’s no secret that there are a lot of sites like Reward ff 2022 Com that actually don’t work.

Likewise with the site. From several experiments conducted by the team. Turns out the site doesn’t work. But surprisingly, until now there are still many free fire players who still access the site in the hope of getting skins and diamonds for free.

How to Get Gifts from Rewardff2022Com

Who doesn’t want to get free gifts the easy way? Even though you are classified as being able to buy diamonds and other items, of course you will also be interested in the offers from the site in question. Then how to use the Rewardff2022.Com website so that you can get prizes?

  1. Open the browser application then visit the site
  2. On the initial screen, you will see the main menu which consists of three categories as described above.
  3. Choose an item according to the category, for example you want to get a diamond prize of 15000, click the diamond category.
  4. Select the number of diamonds 15000 by clicking ‘collect‘.
  5. Confirm by clicking ‘take‘.
  6. Log in with the Facebook account that you use for the Free Fire ID.
  7. Fill in the exact same data as the FF account used.
  8. Press ‘carry on‘.
  9. Follow the next steps as instructed.
  10. If successful, you will get a notification.
  11. Please check whether the selected diamond has been entered in your FF account.

Is it Safe to Use Rewardff2022.Com?

With the ease of access given to get FF event prizes, are you not suspicious of the website? Moreover, the process that must be followed requires a FF account login along with a registered Facebook account. It could be that Rewardff2022 Com is one of the hack or phishing sites that can steal your account.

Although there have been no reports of account losses due to the site above, you should still be careful when using it. Moreover, the site in question has nothing to do with Garena. That is, Garena will not be responsible for any losses caused by them.

Tips for getting free FF skins and diamonds?

Because we have explained that the site does not work and maybe you have proven it yourself. Then you can try some tips to get a free diamond ff that really works and is legal. Curious ? Here are tips on how to get free skins, bundles, and diamonds for ff.

Follow Garena’s Official Social Media Accounts

By following or following Garena’s official social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook’s fan page, and others, you are always updated with the information shared by Garena. Yes, because Garena often distributes free gifts through the FF redeem code shared by Garena.

Join Free Fire Events

Garena is arguably one of the most royal game publishers. Yes, as we know, Garena always organizes the latest free fire events with various free gifts that free fire players can get. By participating in the event organized by Garena, of course, you have the opportunity to get free skins and diamonds.

Enter Giveaway

Often, gaming YouTubers with free fire content or Garena themselves do giveaways with various free prizes. Now, this is certainly an opportunity for you to get free FF skins and diamonds through a giveaway that is done by gaming YouTubers or from Garena itself.


As a wise and careful step, it would be nice if you didn’t try to use the Rewardff2022 Com site or the like. However, if you are still curious and want to prove the truth, we recommend using a new, fresh account. That way, if it turns out to be a hacked or phishing site, you won’t experience any significant loss.