Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games So Easy

After focusing on releasing various Daxa products, Rexus has finally returned to enliven the wireless gamepad product market with the release of the Gladius GX200.

As far as the author’s experience, especially seeing close friends, many of them sometimes prefer to use a gamepad when playing games on a desktop PC – not a console – rather than using a mouse and keyboard that is already located in front of the monitor.

Gamepads do make users more efficient in giving commands to the computer through the buttons or joystick, which are fewer in number when compared to using a keyboard with tens to hundreds of buttons. Also, maybe for some people holding a gamepad can make the game more feel-good than using 2 hardware–mouse and keyboard–at the same time.

However, can the Rexus Gladius GX200 make you feel that comfortable for playing games, especially fps shooter games to soccer?

Check out the following Rexus Gladius GX200 review.

Unboxing Rexus Gladius GX200

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Box Home Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games Is Easy 14
Rexus Gladius Gx200 Rear Box Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games Is Easy 15

Clearly, the Rexus Gladius GX200 box shows the contents of the product and its contents like most action figure boxes. Here, the author directly touched the Gladius GX200 gamepad box and it felt very thin but quite hard on the top and bottom sides of the box. So the author does not recommend stacking another box on top of the Gladius GX200 box in order to take care of the box so it doesn’t get dented.

Visually, in the middle it is transparent so we can see with the naked eye what the Gladius GX200 gamepad looks like. On the front, it displays several gamepad features, while the back of the box contains a list of specifications and explanations of the gamepad buttons.

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Box Contents Gamedaim Review
Review of Rexus Gladius GX200: Playing Games is Easy 16

Then the contents of the Gladius GX200 sales package include:

  • Gamepad Rexus Gladius GX200
  • 1 meter long USB-A to USB-C cable made of rubber
  • 2.4GHz USB dongle
  • manual
  • Guarantee card

There is nothing special about the contents of the sales package, as well as the unboxing experience.

Easy to reach, comfortable to grip

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Hold 2 Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games So Easy 17

This Rexus Gladius GX200 gamepad has a weight that is indeed heavier than a mouse, which weighs in at 190 grams. However, for a gamepad, the Gladius GX200 is still lighter than the DualSense PS5 which I usually use when playing PES 2021 with friends – even though in the end it was killed with a hat trick.

The light weight tends to not make the writer sore easily. It has a full black and matte appearance, the material used for this gamepad is plastic and that is also the reason why this gamepad can be so light. If you touch it, the surface is smooth and indeed the plastic has a very ‘plastic’ feel to it and is quite thin–just not flimsy.

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Flatlay Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games Is Easy 18
Rexus Gladius Gx200 Flatlay 2 Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games So Easy 19

The handle grip to the bottom of this gamepad has a different surface texture from the center and the Rexus logo. The handle grip tends to have a slightly chalky texture whose function is to keep our grip tight when holding the gamepad or so that it doesn’t fall easily when hands are slippery due to sweat. Even though it feels better when you touch it, in fact the overall texture of the gamepad is both smooth and quite slippery.

The curved shape of the gamepad grip handle feels right for the shape and size of a deaf hand. The palm of the hand can hold the handle grip comfortably because the palm of the thumb can rest almost completely on the handle grip. So when holding the gamepad, the grip becomes tighter and doesn’t slip easily.

Rexus Gladius Gx200 R Zr Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games Is Easy 20

Then the top of the handle grip or the one close to the L/R button is quite curved and follows the direction of the index finger when you want to press the L/R button.

With the size of the author’s hand, which has a palm-sized length measuring 10 cm long and about 8 cm wide, it can easily reach the gamepad buttons without difficulty and without slipping.

Light Button

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Joystick Dpad Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games Is Easy 21

The Rexus Gladius GX200 gamepad has a total of 19 buttons – including joystick/analog stick, triggers, and option buttons. The Gladius GX200’s button layout tends to resemble the Xbox’s controller stick where the left joystick is located above the directional buttons/D-Pad.

All the black gamepad buttons are very light to press or shake (for the analog stick). Even when compared to the PS5’s DualSense, the Gladius GX200’s gamepad buttons are light to use and don’t feel like a burden at all. If you use the analogy when using a mouse, maybe the DPI of this analog stick gamepad is in the range of 1000 and above which is so easy to navigate.

I don’t know for you whether this is a disadvantage or an advantage, but according to the author, this is enough to make it easier for the author to move quickly, such as playing fps shooter games like Apex Legends. But on the other hand, analog sticks that are too light sometimes become a double-edged sword because it becomes difficult to direct the shot at the enemy.

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Ybax Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games Is Easy 22
Rexus Gladius Gx200 Ybax 2 Gamedaim Review
Review of Rexus Gladius GX200: Playing Games is Easy 23

The 4 buttons on the right have a letter icon on each button, not a shape like a PlayStation controller. The sequence is YBAX which is exactly the same as the Xbox One Series controller. The 4 buttons are completely black, as well as the letter icon on it which is quite raised and glossy.

Maybe it would be better when the 4 button icons are brightly colored (red, green, yellow, and green) so that they are easier to read, so we don’t press the wrong button easily. Because the author personally has a little difficulty when he wants to use the 4 buttons with the level of legibility and clarity of the letter icons which are quite disguised with the color of the base buttons.

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Joystick Dpad Left Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games Is Easy 24

Continue to the direction button or commonly called the D-Pad. The D-Pad button is the heaviest to press compared to other buttons. Maybe it’s made so that when pressing the right direction, it’s not pushed down/up for example.

Just like the YBAX button, the Gladius GX200 D-Pad button also has a glossy direction icon and the color is disguised with a black base button color. Even though it’s disguised, our brains in motor memory can easily press the direction they want without looking directly, unlike the YBAX button which for personal writers, motor memory that is used to using DualSense PS5 makes writers often press wrong.

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Hold 3 Gamedaim Review
Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games Is Easy 25

In the middle of the gamepad is the home button which is very light to press. And the 4 buttons at the top center from right to left are Start, Clear, Turbo, and Select. This section also has a battery indicator along with a white Rexus logo on it.

Durable Enough

The Rexus Gladius GX200 gamepad itself has a 600mAh Lithium Polymer battery which Rexus claims can be used for up to 12 hours and the battery charging time only takes 2-3 hours or about of the total duration of use when the battery is full. The USB-C port for charging is located on the front of the gamepad, parallel to the L/R button.

When charging, the battery indicator will flash red which means it is charging.

Although the price is quite affordable, the Gladius GX200 does not carry Bluetooth technology for its wireless connectivity, but a 2.4GHz USB dongle. When plugged into a desktop PC, this gamepad can be used within a maximum distance of up to 5-7 meters without shielding (barrier walls).

In terms of delay itself, as far as I feel when playing Apex Legends, there is minimal delay, when the button is pressed in sync with the game, which means that the signal transmission from the gamepad is almost not detected by the delay.

It’s just that the gamepad’s 2.4GHz USB dongle is quite large and takes up a bit of space when plugged into a USB hub port or directly into a PC case, which annoys neighbors or the port beside it.

After the dongle is plugged in, don’t forget to hold down the Home icon in the middle until the red battery indicator blinks to stop to activate the gamepad to the connected device.

Rexus Gladius GX200 Technical Specifications

  • Dual Mode : X-Input and Direct-Input
  • Connectivity : Wired and Wireless 2.4 GHz
  • Freq Range: +- 8 meters
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer 600mAh
  • Duration of Use: 12 hours
  • Refill time: 2-3 hours
  • Analog Stick Technology : Eccentric 360˚
  • Keys: 12 numeric keys, 8-way D-Cross
  • Compatibility: PlayStation 3, Android, Windows
  • Light: LED Indicator
  • Wireless Device : USB Dongle
  • Power Cable Length: 1m+-5cm
  • Dimensions: 158mm x 103mm x 69mm
  • Weight: 190 grams +-10 grams

Rexus Gladius GX200 is priced at IDR 269,000 with the following purchase link: Tokopedia


Wireless minimal delay

Lightweight so it’s not easy to get sore

Light button to navigate


Thin plastic material

USB dongle is big enough

Rexus Gladius Gx200 Hold Gamedaim Review

Rexus Gladius GX200 Review: Playing Games So Easy

Rexus Gladius GX200 Review Conclusion: Playing Games Is Easy

Gladius GX200 with its 2.4GHz wireless technology feels minimal delay for playing games and its light buttons make the game easier without having to slip or press the wrong button. The grip feels comfortable with a smooth surface and a doff that is not easily slippery. It’s just that the build quality feels very plastic and thin, even though when it comes back it’s light and doesn’t make your hands sore quickly.