RI COVID-19 Cases Add 30,148, Death of 401 Patients

Jakarta, IDN Times – Daily cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia as of Tuesday (8/2/2022) increased by 30,148 cases. The COVID-19 Handling Task Force reported that the total cases in the country reached 5,800,253 cases.

West Java accounted for the most cases today, with the addition of 7,194 cases. Followed by DKI Jakarta with 3,569 cases, East Java with 2,769 cases and Bali with 2,682 cases.

The government continues to urge the public to continue to comply with the COVID-19 health protocols with the 5M, namely maintaining distance, wearing masks, avoiding crowds, reducing mobility, and washing hands with soap and running water to prevent transmission of the virus.

1. Cases recovered as many as 55,128 patients

[UPDATE ]  RI COVID-19 Cases Add 30,148, Death of 401 PatientsOfficers prepare a place to isolate COVID-19 patients at the Sidoarjo Public Service Mall Building, East Java, Sunday (6/2/2022). (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Umarul Faruq)

The Task Force also reported that there were 55,128 recovered cases today. Thus, the total recovered cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia became 5,226,530 cases.

West Java is the region that contributed the most cases of recovered COVID-19 today, which was 22,001 cases. Followed by Central Java with 5,118 cases recovered, DKI Jakarta 4,229 cases, East Java 3,672 cases, and North Sumatra 2,412 cases.

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2. A total of 401 patients died today

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[UPDATE ]  RI COVID-19 Cases Add 30,148, Death of 401 PatientsThe atmosphere of the burial of the bodies of COVID-19 patients at the Rorotan TPU on Monday (26/7/2020). (IDN Times/Uni Lubis)

The COVID-19 Task Force also reported that 401 people died from COVID-19 today. In total, the number who died from COVID-19 has so far increased to 150,831 people.

Central Java contributed 136 cases of death, East Java 58 cases, DKI Jakarta 26 cases, West Java 23, and DI Yogyakarta 15 cases.

3. The second dose of vaccination reaches 148 million

[UPDATE ]  RI COVID-19 Cases Add 30,148, Death of 401 PatientsHealth workers prepare the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine which will be injected to residents during the COVID-19 Booster vaccination. (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Fikri Yusuf)

Then, the Task Force reported that 566,367 people in the country received the second phase of vaccination today. Thus, the total who received the second stage of vaccination reached 148,587,718 people.

While stage three or vaccination booster there were 360,196 people, bringing the total to 12,847,312 people.

In total, the Task Force targets the vaccination target to reach 208,265,720 people.

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