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Rise of Kingdom is a game with a war theme that must be played by determining strategy. This game provides several choices of commanders who specialize in their area of ​​operation. Here is a selection of the best Rise of Kingdom commanders that you can use.

Alexander the Great

The first option, there is Alexander the Great with active skills providing a useful shield to suck all attacks from the enemy. Alexander the Great is able to give a little shield to the infantry commanders of allies located in your vicinity.

This one commander is very feared by the enemy because he is able to give a big blow. In addition, Alexander the Great had a dynamic ability when he led the war. Alexander the Great can give command when the shield drops to increase the attack.

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is the most preferred commando choice by beginners of the Rise of Kingdom game. Because, this game commando has a variety of skills and is called multifunctional in leading the war.

You can deploy this Sun Tzu commander for open mode battles, because it has the skill to damage AOE. Sun Tzu has the role of commander of the Gariison which can be paired with Charles Martel and Richard I.

Guan Yu

Rise of Kingdom Commander Guan Yu to lead infantry or foot soldiers carrying weapons. Guan Yu is a commander who can be used to lead a battle at close range because he can fight one on one or several people at once.

Guan Yu was able to fight on all fronts with troops deployed via ships, tanks, planes, small boats, and helicopters. Rise of Kingdom’s commander skill can do a lot of damage in just three hits.

Richard I

Richard I is the next best Rise of Kingdom commander who is the most formidable on the battlefield. This infantry commander has the expertise to heal soldiers who are injured during battle.

In addition, Ricahard I is able to reduce the opponent’s movement speed up to 5 targets by 15 percent. Richard I is a commander who can protect his soldiers from being damaged by enemy attacks by as much as 30 percent.

Charles Martel

The next commander’s recommendation is Charles Martel who must be obtained because he is one of the greatest legends. Charles Martel can provide great protection to his soldiers by sucking the damage caused by the enemy.

In addition, this commander can also increase the attack that will be received by the enemy by 30 percent. You can include this commander with other infantry, namely Richard I and Guan Yu for a higher ability.


For those of you who want to try Rise of Kingdom’s female commander, Artemisia can be an option. The advantage of this infantry commander is that he is not easily defeated by the enemy, even though he is a woman, he has great strength.

Artemisia is a commander who has archery skills, so with her weapon she can defeat many enemies in a short time. In addition, the skill of this commander is to increase the damage to the attacks that will be given to the enemy.

Eulji Mundeok

Commander Eulji Mundeok is the commander of Rise of Kingdom who has a typical Korean appearance. Eulji Mundeok has a special unit called Hwarang. This commander has expertise for infantry, garrison, and attack.

You can try some of the best Rise of Kingdom commanders when playing this game. Try different types of commanders so you can find the best character to lead your team. Prepare for battle as well as possible so that you can achieve victory.