Rock and Ride 4 RORI Strengthens Family and Introduces Culture in East Java

Column by Kangmox – The community of Royal Enfield motorcycle users, Royal Riders Indonesia (RORI) will ride an exploration of several special places in East Java starting from February 25-28 2022.

In fact, in their internal tradition, every touring it is recommended to invite family members, as well as for the 4th Rock and Ride activity this time.

Even though it is relatively far away, this is where the chemistry of family and community will be strengthened.

Coinciding with the 120th anniversary of Royal Enfield, 120 RORI members conducted explorations from Malang, Jember, Mount Bromo Area, Wurung Crater, and Baluran National Park.

Not just riding and walking together between members, this community led by Donny Hendaris brings a strong message for the future.

RORI touring east of Java Island (Photo: RORI)

Among them are instilling in all members how to have a good and right attitude when driving, recognizing the beauty of nature so that a concern is born to maintain and introduce it to future generations in the future, and recommend riding with a partner in a family.

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So that the happiness of this activity extends, the group also involves the community in several lines of activities. For example, for lunch in the Mount Bromo area, where participants eat from local residents’ cuisine.

Meanwhile, to add to the feeling of happiness for the residents who make a living in the Whispering Sand area, the committee hired ten horses and their riders just to join the riding group.

This is nothing but expected to be the door to their sustenance in the midst of the long pandemic impact.

At the foot of Mount Ijen, after enjoying the fresh air and views of the expanse of grass, the participants were invited to take a break at Guest House Jampit.

A Dutch heritage house that was built in 1927 was once used as a plantation supervisor’s rest.

After spoiling the eyes at Baluran National Park, participants while passing through to the Ibis Style Hotel were invited to make a pilgrimage to the Zainul Hasan Genggong Islamic Boarding School.

In addition to introducing them to the atmosphere of pesantren life, the 4th Rock and Ride participants were received directly by the leaders of the pesantren who qodarullah enjoy the world of motorcycles.

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In maintaining stamina and adjusting to the time of the members’ work activities, RORI frees and facilitates each member who will depart using public transportation.

Meanwhile, their proud Royal Enfield was delivered using towing get to the Ibis Style Hotel Malang.

However, there were also those who chose to ride from Jakarta during the event, and eventually returned to Jakarta such as the President of RORI, Donny Hendaris and his wife, mom Merry Siti Maryam.

“This activity, journey, views and tracks are new to me. So my insight and happiness increased, especially with the mainstay seat attached to the Classic 500 motorbike making the trip even more comfortable. I hope that quality activities like this will continue to exist and for boncengers, I hope that our awareness will be more solid and more accustomed to riding and understand what kind of outfit is safe and comfortable to wear, “said Merry Siti Maryam.

RORI touring east of Java Island (Photo: RORI)

Another interesting thing came from a member of Royal Riders Indonesia Chapter East Java Sub Chapter Malang, Nur Fitri Zakiyah (41 years old). He rides on a Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure motorbike.

However, back to the values ​​that RORI is promoting, which is about the quality of the family through motorbikes. Fitri turns out riding together with husband who uses Versys 650.

While chatting casually with women who care about safety riding This, it turns out to know the motorbike from her husband. At first he was a boncenger and often fell asleep when touringFinally, after a long time Fitri chose to ride alone.

“In fact, I know motorbikes from my husband, he used to play motorbikes first. In the past, I just rode everywhere with my husband and after a long time I was also tired if I kept sitting in the back, easily fell asleep and didn’t get the adrenaline.” said Fitri.

In this 4th Rock and Ride activity, he is very proud, because as long as touring there is a mechanic and a car in progress storing controlling.

He also admired the solidarity between the members, especially when there was a problem with a motorbike. Another thing that was underlined by Fitri, while on the highway the group was not arrogant even though the motorbikes used were generally 500cc engines.

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