Route to Cheap Kebumen Petanahan Beach Tour + 10 Cool Pictures

Kebumen Landing Beach
Landing Beach Jump
What are the activities? Selfies, Walks, and Gathering with friends.
Opening hours 24 hours
Ticket price Rp. 3,000
Address Karanggadung, Petanahan, Kebumen Regency, Central Java
Location Map of Kebumen Land BeachClick

There are lots of beaches in Kebumen district, now this is the incumbent beach which is famous for the beach of love, because in its history there was a match between the king’s daughter during the Mataram kingdom that took place on the incumbent beach. This beach provides a beautiful view, every eye can see there will only be beach sand.

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Girl's Landing Beach
Sitting Landing Beach Fried Land Beach Hihi Land Beach Huhu Land Beach Veil Landing Beach Landing Beach Jump Long Peland Beach Sand Land Beach Land Beach