Sailing Towards the Island of the Gods By Ship Surabaya Bali

Do you want to go to Bali Island? Here we present the schedule for the Surabaya-Bali ship that you can use.

Bali is a tourist destination for local and international tourists. There are many means of transportation that can be used to get to Bali. From land, sea and air.

If you want to save costs and have free time when you want to visit Bali, you can choose sea transportation, because the cost is quite affordable but the time it takes is longer.

You can reach Bali from any city that has a port. one of which is the crossing from the city of Surabaya, namely from Tanjung Perak Port to Benoa Harbor in Bali.

Here we convey from the Dolanyuk team, the Fleet, ticket prices, and the departure schedule from the Surabaya – Bali ship.

Surabaya Bali Ship

For tourists who like to travel as backpackers who want to travel to Bali, they often prefer to use ships. In addition to saving more costs, it can also save time compared to using land vehicles which can take longer.

The trip to Bali is indeed the most exciting if we can enjoy the trip before we arrive in Bali. Choosing a means of sea transportation is likely to provide its own experience. Before you leave, let’s find out first what ships serve crossings from Surabaya – Bali. Berkut is a ship that you can use to get to Bali.

KM AWU Ships

KM AWU is a ship built by the shipyard of Jos L. Mayer Papenburg Germany in 1991 which is owned by PT. Indonesian Pelni.

This ship is classified as a small ship compared to other Pelni ships. Only able to accommodate 969 people.


Here are the facilities that you can find in the KM Awu fleet:

  • Canteen
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • Worship place
  • Music Stage
  • Mini Theater

KM Binaiya Ship

KM Binaiya is also one of the Pelni Engine ships serving routes to Central Indonesia. This ship is also the mainstay of the people who live in Surabaya and Bali.

This ship is indeed included in the small ship class which can only accommodate 970 people. Not only serving passengers but this ship also serves goods transportation.


What facilities can you find in the KM Binaiya fleet?

  • Worship place
  • Canteen
  • Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • Mini Theater
  • air conditioning

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KM Leuser Ship

KM Leuser is also a small group of ships serving the Surabaya-Bali crossing with a Pelni engine that can only accommodate 970 passengers.


The manager has provided the best facilities to make you comfortable throughout the trip by:

  • Air Conditioned Room
  • Toilet
  • Canteen
  • Worship place
  • Mini Theater
  • Music Stage

Surabaya Bali Boat Ticket Prices

For the ticket price offered for the Surabaya – Bali route, it is quite affordable. The following are the ticket prices for the Surabaya-Bali route.

FleetCategoryTicket price
KM AwuMatureIDR 187,000.00
KM AwuChildIDR 24,000.00
KM BinaiyaMatureIDR 187,000.00
KM BinaiyaChildIDR 24,000.00
KM LeuserMatureIDR 187,000.00
Km LeuserChildIDR 24,000.00

Choose a fleet of ships that suit your needs and budget.

Surabaya Bali Ship Schedule

BoatRouteDeparture schedule
KM AwuSuabaya-BaliJanuary 4, 2020. 09.00 WIB
KM AwuSuabaya-Bali5 January 2020. 10.00 WIB
KM AwuBali-SurabayaJanuary 13, 2020. 11.00 WITA
KM AwuBali-Surabaya27 january 2020. 11.00
KM LeuserSurabaya-Bali7 January 2020. 08.00 WIB
KM LeuserSurabaya-BaliJanuary 8, 2020. 12.00 WIB
KM LeuserBali-SurabayaFebruary 1, 2020. 08.00 WITA
KM LeuserBali-SurabayaFebruary 2, 2020. 10.00 WITA

Before leaving for Bali, please see the ship schedule. Don’t confuse the ship’s schedule with the ship you want to use.

Ship Capacity Surabaya Bali

Each fleet from PT Pelni has a different passenger capacity depending on each class. Here we present the total capacity of each fleet:

KM AwuI14 people
II40 people
III915 people
KM LeuserI14 people
II40 people
III916 people
KM BainaiyaI14 people
II40 people
III916 prang

So, that’s some information related to the latest Surabaya Bali ship schedule. We have adjusted the schedule according to your needs and we provide the latest.

If you need further information, please contact PT Pelni. Visit the official website at