Samsung Hacked by Hackers, What’s the Fate of User Data? – The bad news recently came from Samsung. The hacker group managed to break into Samsung’s cybersecurity system and the company’s internal data was stolen.

This hacker group called LAPSUS$ claimed to have succeeded in breaking through access to Samsung data. Meanwhile, Samsung claims that the hackers did not attack harmful data or systems.

In addition, a Samsung spokesperson also claimed that the personal data of Samsung users was not included in the data that was stolen. In other words, consumers’ personal data remains safe.

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“There was a breach of our security system related to the company’s internal data,” said Samsung.

He continued, “Based on our initial analysis, this hack involved some source code related to the operation of Samsung Galaxy devices, but the personal data and information of our users or employees were not included in the leaked elements.”

A Samsung spokesperson also said that the company does not currently anticipate any impact on their business or consumers.

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“We have implemented measures to prevent further similar incidents and will continue to serve consumers without any disruption,” continued a Samsung spokesperson.

Previously, the LAPSUS$ hacker group uploaded a torrent file of 190 GB to their Telegram channel on March 4, 2022. They claimed that the file contained a secret Samsung source code containing the security system of Galaxy series phones.

From the row of data that was successfully compromised, there is an algorithm for biometric authentication of Samsung phones and bootloader source code to penetrate some of the operating system controls used.

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