Sarangan Lake Review, Myths, Attractions, Hotels, Entrance Ticket Prices 2019

Sarangan Lake, Magetan, East Java, Enjoy the cool nature of the mountains and various kinds of tourist rides and games.

Opening hours:24 hours.
Entrance ticket:Rp. 10,000 / Person.
Telephone number:
Activity:Strolling, taking pictures, boat rides, horse riding, etc.
Best time:15.00 – 17.00 WIB.
Need to Bring:Jacket, Camera, Sun Block.
Prohibition:Do not litter
Address:Sand Lake, Sarangan, Plaosan District, Magetan, East Java.
Public facilities:Parking areas, prayer rooms, toilets, food stalls, lodging, etc.
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps

Sarangan Lake is one of the natural attractions that you can visit while on vacation in Magetan, East Java.

This tourist attraction has long been known as a favorite tourist spot that is not only visited by local tourists but also foreign tourists.

Therefore, for those of you who are on vacation in East Java, it will be a loss and your vacation trip will not be complete if you have not visited Sarangan Lake.

Telaga Sarangan-East Java

Sarangan Lake at a Glance

Sarangan Lake was formed from a natural process that occurred in the lamp era. The area of ​​this lake is about 30 hectares, with a depth of 28 meters.

Sarangan Lake is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, precisely at an altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea level. With air temperatures ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, making the area around this lake quite cool and comfortable as a vacation spot.

In addition, there are many beauties and interesting things that visitors can do at Sarangan Lake. You can read more in the following section.

Mystery and Myths of Sarangan Lake

Before discussing the appeal of Sarangan Lake, it’s a good idea to first know about the myths or mysteries behind the emergence of Sarangan Lake according to the stories and beliefs of the surrounding community.

Although we wrote earlier that this lake was formed from natural processes, it turns out that local residents who inhabit the area around this lake have their own version of the emergence of Sarangan Lake.

According to local residents, the formation of this tourist attraction is said to have been initiated by the life story of a pair of old people who lived around Mount Lawu.

These two parents are named Kyai Pasir and Nyai Pasir, who depend on them for their livelihood by working the fields and plantation areas every day.

Kyai Pasir and Nyai Pasir live a simple life and are even classified as very poor. Especially after the birth of their son, Joko Lelung, their lives became increasingly difficult until they had the desire to perform austerities to ask the Creator for help.

This intention was finally realized by Kyai Pasir who for several days carried out austerities deep into the forest.

After returning from the hermitage, the kyai and his wife then together performed a hermitage ritual which supposedly ordered them to look for a magic egg around the fields.

It wasn’t long before they finally found the egg they were looking for. Long story short, they both immediately ate the egg as ordered or ascetic rituals were ordered to them.

But what happened was really unexpected. After eating the egg, this husband and wife suddenly turned into two big dragons.

Surprised and disapproved of their fate, the two dragons, who were none other than the embodiment of Kyai Pasir and Nyai Pasir, struggled to sweep the fields and plantations.

As a result of this action, some areas of fields and plantations also formed a basin which was followed by the emergence of large amounts of water which is currently believed to be the forerunner to the formation of Sarangan Lake.

Although the truth of this story is still a mystery regarding its truth, but according to the beliefs of the surrounding community, the two dragons in the story above still exist magically as guardians of Sarangan Lake.

In fact, people also believe that this lake is guarded by a holy man who lives with a tiger on a small island in the middle of the lake.

Sarangan Lake Attraction

The main attraction of the Sarangan Lake tourism object, of course, comes from the existence of a very large natural lake with clean and fresh water.

In addition, the atmosphere around the lake which seems very natural and beautiful makes anyone sure to feel at home for a long time in this place.

Around the lake there are also many food and beverage vendors ranging from snacks to the rabbit satay which is a popular menu in this area.

Then as tourist souvenirs, you can also hunt for various souvenirs typical of Sarangan Lake which are sold around the lake.

Meanwhile, regarding the tourist activities that you can do at Sarangan Lake, the choices are numerous.

The most exciting activity area is of course in the lake area where you can do many activities, one of which is to go around the lake using various water rides such as water tricycles, water bikes to boats.

Then for those of you who are reluctant to get wet, you can also go around the tourist area on horseback.

On the edge of the lake, there are many places to rent horses with a fairly cheap rental price of around Rp. 50,000.

Furthermore, you can also fill your vacation at Sarangan Lake by visiting a fighter plane monument which is located not far from the lake location.

In this monument you can enjoy its unique design or use it as a spot take a picture.

Besides that, not far from the location of this monument, you will also find the entrance to the location of Sarangan Waterfall which you can go to if you want a different atmosphere.

The waterfall, which is another name for the Tirtosari waterfall, is also quite beautiful and very worthy as a tourist destination just before you leave the Sarangan Lake tourist attraction.

Now, from the description above, briefly, we can summarize the tourist activities in Sarangan Lake into several list activities such as the following:

  • Enjoy the beauty while playing in the water in a natural lake
  • Go around the tourist area by horse
  • hunting
    photos around the lake and the warplane monument
  • Visit Sarangan Waterfall
  • Culinary hunting
  • Souvenir hunting

In addition to the activities above, of course, there are many other activities that you can do at Sarangan Lake. Each tourist certainly has their own way of enjoying time at tourist sites.

Sarangan Lake Opening Hours

This tourist attraction is open 24 hours a day.

DayOpening hours
Every day24 hours

However, if you want to get the best atmosphere at Sarangan Lake, the best time to visit it is in the morning around 9 am to 12 noon.

As for those of you who can’t come in the morning, then you can come from 3 pm and enjoy your vacation at this place until 5 pm.

Sarangan Lake Entrance Ticket Prices

The price of admission to this tourist attraction is fairly cheap. You only need to pay for the entrance ticket to Sarangan Lake which is sold at a price of IDR 10,000 per person.

Ticket TypeTicket price
Entrance ticketRp. 10,000
Motorcycle Parking OnlyRp. 2000
Car parkRp. 5000

In addition to entrance tickets, visitors who come using private vehicles also have to pay a parking fee. But don’t worry, the parking fee is also quite cheap, only Rp. 2000 for motorbikes and Rp. 5000 for the car.

Even so, some tourist rides also require you to pay a rental fee. Therefore, in order to enjoy a satisfying vacation at Sarangan Lake, you must prepare budget
more than enough vacation.

Location of Sarangan Lake

The location of Sarangan Lake is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu. The complete address is at Telaga Pasir, Sarangan, Plaosan District, Magetan, East Java.

Besides Sarangan Lake, around this place there are also several other tourist attractions such as Tirtosari Waterfall, Pundak Kiwo Waterfall, and Grojogan Sewu Waterfall.

You can take the road to Sarangan Lake using public transportation or private vehicles.

For example, if you want to use public transportation, your trip to Sarangan Lake can be started by taking a bus or other public transportation that goes to Terminal Magetan.

Now when you arrive at Terminal Magetan, you can continue your journey using public transportation again until you actually arrive at the Sarangan Lake location.

Meanwhile, for those of you who will use private vehicles, what is important to know is that the access road to Sarangan Lake is quite high and winding. So your vehicle must be really healthy and ready to try out a rather heavy terrain.

Sarangan Lake Facilities

Currently, the public facilities available at Sarangan Lake are sufficient. There you will find facilities including:

  • Parking area
  • prayer room
  • Toilet
  • Food stalls
  • Rides Rental
  • and Lodging

Especially for lodging, you can choose several villas, hotels or tourist cottages with prices and facilities varying depending on the rental price.

Hotels in Sarangan Lake

There are lots of hotels that you can choose as a place to stay around Sarangan Lake. Some of them you can see in the list below:

  • hotel handini
  • Hotel Asia Jaya Syariah
  • Hotel Anugrah
  • Hotel Artomoro
  • Hotel Arjuna
  • Hotel Andika

In addition, around Sarangan there are also other hotels such as Hotel Bukit Surya, Hotel Nusantara, and Hotel Mulia whose rental fees are not much different from the hotels above, which range from Rp. 60,000 to Rp. 400,000 per night.

Q&A About Sarangan Lake

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by potential visitors regarding the Sarangan Lake tourism object:


Sarangan Lake can be a cheap tourist alternative that you can visit with friends or family while on vacation to East Java.

Even though it is cheap, the tourist experience that you will get in this place is certainly no less interesting than other tourist objects in East Java such as Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Eco Green Park or Goa Pinus Malang.