Second Booster Discourse, Expert Suggests Covid-19 Vaccine Given Every Year Like Flu Vaccine – The flu virus mutations that occur every year make the flu vaccine injections carried out annually. In the midst of a pandemic, when the Corona virus that causes Covid-19 continues to mutate, the discourse of the annual Covid-19 vaccine injection has emerged.

Dr Archana Chatterjee from Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago Medical School, said that the mutation of the Corona virus will continue to occur in various parts of the world. Therefore, he feels the need to make the Covid-19 vaccine a vaccine that is also injected every year.

“To prevent a spike in cases and deaths, there needs to be periodic vaccinations. It could be every year, every two years or every 5 years, we don’t know for sure. More data is needed to find out,” Chatterjee was quoted as saying by Medical Daily.

Chatterjee, who is also a member of the US BPOM vaccine commission, said that the Covid-19 vaccine was given as a form of pandemic control. He referred to the Covid-19 cases which are still increasing, two years since the first pandemic began.

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Illustration of the Covid-19 vaccine [Foto: Antara]
Illustration of the Covid-19 vaccine [Foto: Antara]

The discourse related to the annual Covid-19 vaccine also received responses from other US BPOM officials, Dr. Peter Marks. Marks, who is a member of the research commission, said that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic needs attention not only today, but also in the future.

He said vaccination was still the best way to prevent new cases and deaths due to mutations of the Corona virus. Therefore, the public must not stop to continue to do research and prepare the necessary vaccines.

“In the future, readiness for Covid-19 will be carried out by vaccination, which not only prevents transmission of cases but also prevents fatalities and deaths,” said Marks.

He also supports the administration of a second booster vaccine. According to him, Covid-19 caused by the Corona virus has the potential to become like the flu, can attack anyone and continue to mutate.

This is the reason the US BPOM will say a virtual meeting on April 6th. Apart from discussing vaccination, other prevention strategies including the implementation of health protocols were also discussed.

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“By presenting experts from all over the world in an open and transparent forum, it is hoped that the discussion on vaccination can produce the best policies to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic,” he concluded.