Sermo Kulon Progo Reservoir, Facilities, Entrance Tickets and Location

Even though it’s only a reservoir, the natural scenery and cool atmosphere in the Sermo Reservoir turns out to be quite popular with the community, therefore it is not uncommon for people from outside the city to be interested in experiencing the beauty of the Sermo reservoir.

Address:Sermo Lor Hargowilis Kokap, Sremo Lor, Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55653
Opening hours:08.00–17.00
Retribution:Rp. 5,000/person
Facility:Villa, Restaurant, Workshop, Public Toilet, Mushroom House, Stilt House, Boat Rental
Access Road:Very good
Online Maps:View Maps
Kulon Progo Sermo Reservoir 2
Photo by @mas_praz_313

Sermo Kulon Progo

Sermo reservoir is a dam located in Kab. Kulon Progo Jogja, which currently functions not only as a source of PDAM water, but also as a new tourist destination in Jogja. This can happen not without reason, but the potential for beautiful natural views and strategic geographical locations.

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Maybe if there was no Kali Biru Tourism, Sermo Reservoir would not be as popular as it is today. In the past, people would stop for a while to rest at the Sermo Reservoir after or before heading to Kali Biru Tourism. That’s where the idea began to emerge from residents to be managed as a tourist location.

The spots that are sold are not only natural beauty and strategic reservoir locations as a place to rest, but there are several activities that visitors can do, including boat rentals to get around the reservoir, and contemporary photo spots. Plus, you can also camp in the Sermo reservoir campground area (if there is no agency that uses it)

If I may vent, the Sermo reservoir is a very good location for an afternoon run while watching the sunset. (Mimin has been there because).

Access Road and Address of Sermo Kulon Progo Reservoir

There is no need to worry, because the access to the Sermo Reservoir is very smooth, there are no obstacles. It’s just that the journey to get here is a bit up and down, but the condition of the road will not endanger the driver. The address itself is at
Sremo Lor, Hargowilis, Kab. Kulon Progo. Or if you want to go there, you can check the map link in the summary list above.

List of Facilities and Entrance Ticket Prices for Sermo Reservoir

Because it has become a tourist destination for the community, of course the manager pays attention to the number of facilities to support the comfort of visitors. The facilities that you can find at this location include, Villas, food stalls, workshops, public toilets, mushroom houses, stilt houses, boat rentals. These facilities can be used at a cost that does not drain the pocket. For example, boat facilities, you can rent a boat to get around the reservoir for a rental fee of only 30 thousand.

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In addition to facilities, there is also a levy that must be paid by visitors for the maintenance of reservoir facilities. Entrance ticket price is Rp. 5,000 only, while for motorcycle parking 2 thousand, car parking 3 thousand, bus parking 10 thousand. There is a photo spot facility that you can use by renting a spot for only 10 thousand.

Photo Gallery of Sermo Kulon Progo Reservoir

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