Shopee Bubble Game That’s Viral Again, Here’s How to Play it!

Shopee Bubble Game That’s Going Viral – Shopee continues to develop innovations to make potential consumers feel at home in the application and flat for shopping later. This strategy is carried out by providing many interesting features and fun games so that shopee is not only known as a regular online shopping application but also provides a lot of fun things in it. One of the games that many netizens talk about is the shopee bubble game.

You could say the shopee bubble game is currently viral in several countries because reportedly you can get iPhone gifts, shopping vouchers, and attractive cashbacks just by playing games on shopee. This game that focuses on shooting bubbles turns out to have tricks that can be used by players to win diamonds which can later be exchanged for some prizes.

Many shopee users don’t know the trick to playing the viral shopee bubble and find out on the internet how to play it, but behind it all there are interesting facts about the emergence of this game on shopee and who is the real person who created the shopee bubble game. So that you are not curious, we will discuss it in detail through this article, so watch the discussion until it’s finished!

How to Play Shopee Bubble 2022 to Win Prizes

Shopee Bubble Game That's Going Viral

This game actually has a way that is not much different from other bubble games that must be solved and picked correctly according to the matching color. You will be given a limited amount of time to complete the mission, the chicken shopee will help you aim and throw bubbles to drop so you can get scores with the tension racing against time.

The point is that the faster you finish the game to shoot the existing array of bubbles, the faster your level will increase. The trick to playing this bubble game on shopee is you have to do combo moves to increase your point score, don’t forget to switch the bubble to change the color to make it easier to pick and drop.

You need to remember that if the bubble above continues to decline and touches the dotted line on the safety that has been determined then you are considered lost and will not be able to continue to the next level. The life that will be given is 3 times per day so try not to lose and increase the level every day.

If you lose or fail then your wa will decrease and it will take about 180 minutes for your chance and life to return. For the steps to play Shopee Bubble, we will provide a tutorial that you can easily follow as follows:

  • The first step is to login to your shopee application and open the shopee game feature, usually you can see it on the shopee application homepage with the game icon
  • Then choose the shopee bubble game, then choose the level you want
  • But if you just played shopee bubble then you have to start from level 1
  • After that, touch and slide the direction of the shot or bubble shot with your thumb. Aim the shot according to the color of the matching bubble
  • Every bubble that falls will become points that you can collect to exchange for prizes later
  • Remember that you are in a race against time and try to finish the game in the allotted time
  • In addition to getting points, you will also get diamonds after completing a game level which you can exchange for attractive prizes
  • Finished

Who is the figure behind the Shopee Bubble Game

The excitement of this game makes shopee consumers and netizens curious about who is behind the creation or creation of the shopee bubble game. To answer your curiosity, the great figure behind this game is Monica Wijaya. This woman who graduated from the University of Indonesia majored in bioprocess technology and is a product manager from Shopee Indonesia.

It turns out that Monica Wijaya not only makes bubble games on shopee, but also makes various game features and marketing strategies in shopee. In fact, the Shopee candy game is a game inspired by candy crush which is his favorite game.

He always tries to research various games that are often played so that they can be used as references to create virtual game products on the shopee application with development by the engineering team. Until now, there are more than 10 games on Shopee that can be played by Shopee users anytime and anywhere to get various attractive offers and become a marketing strategy for Shopee.

Finally, there is some information that we can convey about the shopee bubble games which are being discussed by shopee users and netizens alike. Don’t forget to also provide facts from the person who created this exciting game on shopee so that it can inspire you in the future. Thank you for reading this article to the end and always look forward to the next article from our site!