Shopee Run Map Bali Game, Here’s How to Play it

How to Play the Shopee Run Game with a Complete Explanation

Shopee is one of the e-commerce applications that currently has many service branches. Shopee Run is an example of a service branch provided by Shopee.

Shopee Run itself is in the form of mini games that you can play while bored. Recently, Shopee Run launched a new map with a Balinese feel. How to play Shopee Run with the Bali version of the map? Check this out.

What is Shopee Run?

Shopee Run is a mini game that you can play through the Shopee application. If you play this Shopee Run mini game, then you will get a prize. The prizes offered can be in the form of Shopee coins, free shipping vouchers, discount vouchers and many others.

This Shopee Run mini game has similarities with the Subway Surfers game, you must be familiar with this game. The way to play the Shopee Run game is also very similar to Subway Surfers, so you won’t have any difficulties playing it.

How to Play Shopee Run Game

You have one goal in this Shopee Run mini game, which is to catch as many stars as possible. To keep your game from ending, you have to avoid every obstacle in the game.

If you successfully pass the level, then you will get prizes in the form of diamonds and trophies. Later, you can use the trophy to open a new map. Meanwhile, diamonds can be exchanged for shopee coins or free shipping vouchers.

Map Shopee Run Bali Version

In the latest Shopee Run version, the developer provides several choices of the latest maps that you can explore. The latest map is the Bali version of the Shopee Run map.

When you play Shopee Run for the first time, you will be on the Jakarta map. After you have collected 150 trophies, you can open the Yogyakarta map.

If you want to use the Bali map, then you have to collect 200 trophies from the previous map. If you use the Bali map in the Shopee Run game, you will see a lot of visuals typical of beaches in Bali.

How to Play Shopee Run Bali

For those of you who still don’t know how to play Shopee Run Bali map version, then you can follow the following tutorial for playing Shopee Run Bali:

  1. Open the Shopee Run application and click the Shopee Games menu. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Shopee application, otherwise the Bali map on Shopee Run will not appear.
  2. Open Shopee Run game.
  3. Once you are connected to the Shopee Games homepage, you can swipe left to see other maps that you can use.
  4. You have to play the game from the Yogyakarta map first and collect 200 trophies from the city to be able to open the Bali map.
  5. If you have collected enough trophies, click the Play button to start the Shopee Run Bali map.
  6. Play Shopee Run as usual.

Done, you can immediately play Shopee Run through the Bali map. You can keep collecting diamonds and later exchange them for Shopee Coins or vouchers. Click the exchange button to exchange the diamonds you have collected.

That’s the explanation about the Bali map version of the Shopee Run game that you need to know. You can play this Bali map while waiting for the next maps to be launched by Shopee Run. Have a nice play.