ShopeePay and 2C2P Expand Digital Payments in Southeast Asia, Jakarta – ShopeePay and 2C2P, a global payments platform, collaborate to expand digital payments for consumers and merchants in five countries in Southeast Asia.

This collaboration expands on previous collaborations where ShopeePay and 2C2P had partnered in Singapore and Thailand.

“Previously 2C2P and ShopeePay have partnered in the Singapore and Thailand markets and the expansion of this partnership signifies the synergies of our collaboration,” said Agnes Chua, Executive Director for Business and Product Development at 2C2P.

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“We hope that this collaboration will accelerate the advancement of digital solutions for merchants and banks to increase sales, transaction volume, competitive advantage, and streamline their services,” Chua said.

With the presence of ShopeePay, all companies and businesses that partner with 2C2P in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, can accept digital payments online. seamlessas well as manage and monitor their finances with ease.

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In addition, merchants can attract more offline transactions and expand their customer base. On the other hand, ShopeePay users can now pay more securely at more merchants, and get various benefits.

ShopeePay Helps Businesses Get New Opportunities

Globally, the advent of mobile wallets has changed the way people spend, lend and borrow money, invest, and handle payments. Due to its versatility, mobile wallets can be a fintech solution in providing the most significant impact for businesses and consumers.

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By providing a convenient, safe and useful customer experience for shoppers, ShopeePay can accelerate e-wallet adoption and help businesses capture new opportunities.

“ShopeePay hopes that this collaboration can help the network of 2C2P merchant partners to expand their sales reach safely and seamlessly, as well as provide a more convenient and profitable cashless payment experience,” said Eka Nilam, Head of Strategic Merchant Acquisition from ShopeePay.

This is certainly in line with our commitment to encourage access to financial digitization for business people and consumers throughout Indonesia,” concluded Eka. (HR/MF)