Showing IDM on YouTube – Really Easy !! Latest of the Year

How to Show IDM on YouTube- Sometimes we see the IDM download button suddenly disappears. To display it again, we can use the IDM view on YouTube.

Internet Download Manager or IDM is an application that generally functions to speed up the process of downloading data or files from the Internet.

The IDM software itself was developed by Tonec Inc. That is a company originating from New York, USA.

They create Internet download management applications specifically for Windows operating system users.

One of the advantages of Internet Download Manager is that it has a very simple screen.

So it can be easily used by various groups. Be it a computer specialist or someone new to technology.

Internet Download Manager itself works by sharing downloaded data.

The data is divided into a maximum of sixteen sections during the download process. IDM will then share the same speed in each shattered part.

If any of these sections experience bottlenecks or delays in the download process. Then the speed of the other parts of this section will be shared to help the download process.

In addition, with Internet Download Manager, we can also easily download videos to YouTube.

With IDM on our laptop, the Download with IDM button will automatically appear on YouTube. In this way, we can easily download YouTube videos in various video attributes.

But sometimes the download with idm button doesn’t appear in the browser.

Now this time we will share how to display the IDM download button on YouTube that doesn’t appear, see more.

How to Show IDM Button on Youtube Google Chrome

How to Show IDM on YouTube

For those of you who use Google Chrome, we can easily reverse the IDM button. The trick is to reinstall the IDM extension on Google Chrome.

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How to display IDM on youtube

  1. Open Google Chrome

    Open Google Chrome on your computer.

  2. Open extension menu

    Then open the extension menu. By clicking on the menu or the third dot at the top right of Google Chrome. Then select Other features or more tools. Then click Extensions or Extensions.

  3. Find the IDM Integration Module extension

    After successfully enter into the list of extensions. Find the IDM Integration Module extension. If it is found then click Delete. A confirmation message will appear, click Delete to delete it.

  4. Open explorer

    The next step is to open the Windows Explorer computer. Then open the local disk (C:). Then select Pprogram Files (x86) or Program Files based on the IDM bit version used.

  5. Locate the Internet Download Manage . folder

    Next find the Internet Download Manager folder.
    If so, we’re looking for a file named IDMGCExt.crx. Then tap and hold the file, then drag and drop it on Google Chrome.

  6. Finished

    A pop-up window will appear. Here we select Add Extension to add IDM extension to Google Chrome.

How to Show IDM on YouTube Mozilla Firefox

Now that we know, add IDM button in Google Chrome. Now we will learn how to return the IDM button to Mozilla Firefox.

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In fact, in general the method used is the same as the previous method. But there is a difference in the place of the extension as well as the file we use in the IDM extension in Mozilla Firefox.

  • First, run the Mozilla Firefox application on our laptop.
  • Next, click the menu or the three dashes at the top left of Mozilla Firefox. Then Select add-ons.
  • in the list Add-ons . Click the gear logo, and then click install Add-ons From File .
  • Then open the Installation document IDM . If we use the 64-bit version of IDM, we can find it in C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager. But if we use the 32-bit version of Internet Download Manager, we can find it in C:\Program Files (X86)\Internet Download Manager.
  • If you have found it, then select the file named idmmzcc.xpi. Then click Open.
Showing IDM on YouTube - Really Easy !!  Latest of the Year 2

When you are finished, close Mozilla and then reopen it to check whether the IDM downlaod button appears on YouTube on MOZILA.

Reinstall IDM

If you use the ABOVE method to reinstall the extension, the add-in doesn’t work. The next procedure we can do is to reinstall IDM and replace it with a newer version.

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Those are some ways to bring back the missing IDMA button on YouTube on either Chrome or Mozilla browsers, I hope it’s useful, Thank you.