Siguntang Hill Entrance Ticket Palembang 2022, Sightings, Inscriptions and Locations

Siguntang Hill is a silent witness to the glory of the Srivijaya Kingdom in the past.

Opening hours:07.00-16.00 WIB
Entrance ticket:IDR 2,000.00- IDR 3,000.00
Telephone number:
Activity:Seeing graves, seeing heritage sites, sightseeing, taking pictures
Best time:Morning or evening
Need to Bring:Camera, drink
Prohibition:It is forbidden to speak dirty, it is forbidden to occupy the tomb
Address:Bukit Lama, Ilir Barat I, Palembang, West Sumatra
Public facilities:Parking area, toilet
Access Road:Well
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What is the most famous of Palembang City? Yes, of course the Ampera Bridge and its special food, namely pempek. But in addition to the iconic bridge, you can also stop at a historical place, namely Bukit Siguntang Palembang.

What kind of place is this? If you are curious, read the article below. Our dolanyok team will provide information regarding the place.

Siguntang Hill Overview

What do you know about the legacy of pre-Islamic kingdoms in Indonesia? Surely what crosses your mind is the Majapahit Kingdom in Java and the Srivijaya Kingdom in Sumatra.

We can still investigate the Majapahit Kingdom, but it is different from the Sriwijaya Kingdom which did not leave many traces. A little of the trail is Siguntang Hill.

This hill is a heritage site of the Sriwijaya Kingdom which is used for worship. In addition, there are many relics of the kingdom on this hill.


If you look at the book that contains the history of the Malay kings, then you will find an area located at the mouth of the Muara Tatang River. The area is also known as Palembang.

In the upper part of the river you can also find a river, namely the Malay River. Well near the river lies a towering hill known as Siguntang. This hill is located at an altitude of 29-30 meters above sea level and is the highest place in the city of Palembang.

This hill is also famous for being holy and charismatic in the 14th-17th centuries. On this hill reside the descendants of the Srivijaya kings. In addition, this hill is believed to be a place of worship for Buddhists since the 7th century.

This is due to the discovery of a Buddha statue with a height of 2.77 meters. The Buddha statue is made of granite so it looks luxurious and charming even though it has been eaten by age. In addition there is a discovery in the form of pottery and ceramic shards from the Tang Dynasty. The discovery proves that the place is not only a Buddhist religious center but also a residential area.

Finally, the authorities kept the discovery in the Balaputera Dewa Museum and the Sriwijaya Museum. The museum is located in the Sriwijaya Kingdom Archaeological Park Complex.


If you visit this hill, you will find several tombs that are believed to be the tombs of prominent people in ancient times. The tombs belong to:

Radja Segentar Nature

According to history, Radja Segentar came from the Mataram Kingdom which succeeded in conquering almost all areas in Sumatra. Radja Segentar was able to get to this place because the ship he was on was stranded on this hill.

Princess Flower Omelet

According to local residents, Putri Kembang Dadar or Putri Bunga Melur is a beautiful princess who came from heaven.

Selako Hair Princess

According to the circulating story, Putri Rambut Selko came from the Yogyakarta Palace. However, from the origin of her name selako, which means golden, local people believe that this princess is from the west.

Commander of the Firestone

Panglima Batu Api is a cleric from Jeddah, Mecca, who came to Malay lands to spread the religion of Islam.

Commander Good Yellow

Panglima Bagus Kuning was a commander from the Mataram Kingdom who guarded Radja Segentar Alam.

Commander of the Good Coral

Panglima Bagus Karang is the mainstay commander of the Mataram Kingdom.

Commander of Djundjungan

This commander is a cleric who came from Arab lands who came to spread the religion of Islam.


You can find this hill in Bukit Lama, Ilir Barat I, Palembang, West Sumatra. In addition to this historical hill, you can also find other cultural attractions. These attractions include the Sriwijaya Kingdom Tourism Park, Giant Al-Quran Tour, Kembang Iwak Park and Kuto Besak Fortresa.

Price of admission

The ticket price for this cultural tour is quite affordable, Rp. 3,000.00 for adults and Rp. 2,000.00 for children.

Operational hour

You can visit this hill from Monday-Sunday with opening hours at 07.00 WIB and closing hours at 16.00 WIB. But you can come until the evening to be able to enjoy the beauty of the city of Palembang at night.

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This hill tourist attraction is located close to the city center, therefore you will have no trouble finding lodging and restaurants. The accommodation options are Budget Room, Sriwijaya Premier, Galaxy Hotel Palembang and Batiqa Hotel Palembang which have star hotel facilities.

If you feel hungry, you can try various food menus at Ow My Plate Palembang, B Fried Chicken Express, Simple Restaurant, Pindang Cucung Cek Nani Restaurant and others.


The following is a list of questions related to this cultural attraction:


Traveling is not only limited to recreational parks, now cultural tourism is skyrocketing again like the Bukit Siguntang Palembang tourist attraction.

In addition to vacationing you can also get education. As an Indonesian, don’t forget to learn about the history. Let’s visit other cultural sites to stay sustainable.