Single doesn’t mean lonely, here are 5 ways to please yourself – There are many assumptions that being single or single will not be happy because you always do a lot of things alone. But that’s not the real problem.

Even if you’re not in a romantic relationship, single people can still make connections, both with themselves, with friends, and with family.

By page Well and GoodHere’s how to stay happy even though you’re single according to experts:

1. Set goals

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A great way to focus on yourself is to set goals for yourself and keep working towards them.

“These goals can be personal, career-related, financial, or educational,” says licensed mental health counselor Rachna Buxani-Mirpuri in Florida.

Daily Journal Writing Illustration (pexels)
Daily Journal Writing Illustration (pexels)

2. Prioritize your self-care

Self-care can mean many things, but Buxani-Mirpuri advises paying particular attention to exercise, nutrition, and meditation.

Dedicating time each day to self-care can bring you peace and happiness.

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3. Journaling

Journaling is another form of self-care that can help create space to analyze, process your thoughts and feelings.

Psychotherapist Rachel Wright, who focuses on sexual health, relationships, and mental health, recommends keeping a journal every morning, starting with a gratitude list.

4. Enjoy sex alone

Even if you don’t have a sexual partner, you can do it yourself. Focusing on sexual relations with yourself is important and enjoyable.

“Masturbate every day,” advises Wright.

5. Get out of the house

Studies show that spending time outside can be good for our mental health. Wright recommends going on a hike every week or setting aside a specific time for nature walks, whether it’s a picnic, a block walk, or a trip to the beach.