SKI Bogor 2022 Entrance Ticket Prices, Reviews, Rides & Photos

SKI Bogor offers a one stop shopping area for fashion plus recreation, there are factory outlets and complete recreational facilities plus culinary tours.

SKI Waterpark
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Opening hours:08.00 – 18.00.
Entrance ticket:Rp. 15,000 – Rp 20,000/per person.
Telephone number:(0251) 853685
Activity:Shopping, playing in game rides, outbound, mini zoo and playing in the water in the waterpark, culinary tour.
Best time:12.00 – 15.00 WIB.
Need to Bring:Grocery bag, change of clothes, swimsuit.
Prohibition:It is forbidden to pollute the lake and it is forbidden to damage the rides.
Address:Jl. Katulampa Raya No.6, RT.05/RW.01, Katulampa, Kec. Bogor Tim., Bogor City, West Java, postal code 16144
Public facilities:Parking, prayer room, toilets, rest areas, changing rooms, bathrooms.
Access Road:Well
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Not inferior to Jogja and Bandung, Bogor is also very famous as a storehouse of unique and contemporary fashion. There are many industrial centers, both corporate and home, who are struggling in the fashion world in this rainy city.

One of the recommended places to hunt for unique fashion at low prices is SKI Bogor. Interestingly, this tourist attraction is not only a place to shop for fashion. There is also a recreation area in the form of a waterpark, a zoo and rides for family tourism.

SKI Playground
Outbound Gokart
SKI Bogor Artificial Lake
SKI Waterpark Swimming Pool
Artificial Lake and Water Balloon

Overview Review

Sumber Karya Indah (SKI) is a well-known industrial center specializing in bags, shoes and clothing in Bogor. Interestingly, this area has the concept of one stop shopping combined with family recreation.

Not only rows of shops selling fashion needs can be found there. Visitors will also be spoiled with the presence of a children’s playground, outbound rides, mini zoo, waterpark and restaurant.

So that this Bogor tourist attraction is very suitable as an alternative vacation for families, both adults and children. Adult visitors can take advantage of a vacation in a fashion shopping center. Meanwhile, children can play in the rides, mini zoo and waterpark.

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Tourist Activities

As one of the All In One tourist areas in Bogor, Sumber Karya Indah offers a number of tourist activities that are not to be missed. There anything? Check out the list of activities below.

  • Hunt for quality and cheap fashion at industrial centers (Factory Outlets) which are designed to look like supermarkets.
  • Play at the Indoor Children’s Game Center which is located on the 2nd Floor.
  • Have fun activities while playing in the Park and Playground (mini Outbound).
  • Play in the artificial lake which is in the area behind the tourist attraction.
  • Explore and interact with the animals at the Mini Zoo.
  • Enjoy water rides at Waterpark SKI Bogor which is the newest ride.

Because there are many interesting and exciting activities besides shopping, visitors don’t have to worry anymore if they bring their children to this place. Of course the children will not be bored accompanying their mother shopping, right?

Tourist Rides

SKI Katulampa Bogor is the best alternative for family tourism needs. Here are a number of tourist rides that can be enjoyed there.

  • Fashion Industry Center (Factory Outlet) for clothes, bags and shoes in the form of shops that have been transformed into supermarkets. There are many choices of bags ranging from leather to synthetic. There are also shoes with various models, from boot to casual.
  • Indoor children’s playground (located above the shoe store). In this area there are about 17 playgrounds, including Robots, UFOs, Trampolines, Balloon Palace, etc.
  • Rides Playground and Outdoor Playground. In this area there are Riding Horse rides, Boogie Kart, Flying Fox, Mini Becak, Windmill, Funny Scooter etc.
  • Artificial lake as a means of playing water. In this area, visitors can play mini boats, water scooters, and rowboats. There is also a special fishing area for children.
  • Mini Zoo (Mini Zoo). Inside there are quite a variety of animals such as Arapaima Gigas, Eagle, White Cockatoo, Leopard Deer, Black Monkey, etc.
  • Waterpark SKI Katulampa Bogor. In the waterpark area there are swimming pools with varying depths, winding slides and straight slides. Showers and Spill Buckets are also available. There are also other exciting water rides around the waterpark area.
  • Resto and Snack/Snack Counter for culinary tourism. The restaurant at this tourist attraction provides a variety of Sundanese culinary menus and typical Bogor snacks.

Even though they are in one location, the shopping and children’s play areas are not close to each other. That way, even if they are busy shopping, visitors must remain vigilant if they bring children.

Try to keep monitoring. Or, visitors can ask family members to accompany their little ones at SKI Bogor.

Tourist Facilities

No need to worry when visiting here, in addition to the complete tourist rides, the facilities are also very supportive.

  • large parking area,
  • mosque,
  • Toilet,
  • Rest area,
  • food court,
  • restaurants and food stalls,
  • Bathroom,
  • Dressing room.

The facilities above are limited to supporting or complementary which will not be asked for a fee if you want to use it. Unlike the game rides, there will be a special entrance fee for the rides there.

Price of admission

Information regarding the SKI Bogor 2019 ticket prices can be seen in detail in the following table.

Ticket Prices for Weekdays (Weekdays)

IDR 15,000/person

Weekend and Holiday Ticket Prices

IDR 20,000/person

The following is the parking fee at SKI Bogor 2019:

Motorcycle Parking Fee

IDR 3,000/unit

Car Parking Fee

IDR 5,000/unit

Medium Bus Parking Fee

IDR 10,000/unit

Below are the entrance fees and rides there:

Mini Trains, Fishing Children, Windmills, Paddler Boats, Mini RickshawsIDR 10,000
Flying Fox, UFO Coaster, Bungee Trampoline, Rabbit House, Hiber-Land, Angry Bird, Funny Scooter, Robot, Bike Tour, Balloon Palace.IDR 20,000
Horseback Riding and WaterballIDR 30,000
Mini BuggyIDR 35,000
GocartIDR 40,000
Waterpark Entrance FeeIDR 40,000 – IDR 60,000/person
Game Package PriceIDR 50,000 – IDR 100,000
Price of Fashion ItemsStarting from IDR 30,000 – millions

The entrance ticket price listed above is valid for adult visitors and children over 1 year old. Ticket fees will be charged for visitors who want to play or take them.


To reach the location of SKI Tajur Bogor 2018 is not so difficult, because the location is very close to the Jagorawi Toll Road. The location of the address is in the Tajur area, East Bogor, Bogor, West Java.

The location is not so far from other tourist objects in Bogor which are quite famous. Some of them are the Batutulis Inscription and the Purwakalih Site.

Opening hours

With very flexible operating hours, this place is quite relevant for tourists both local and out of town. Opening hours are daily from 08.00 am to 18.00 pm.

The operational schedule applies both to weekdays and weekends or national holidays.

Q&A SKI Bogor

In order to add insight about this tourist attraction, here we attach questions + answers from some Google users.


With an all in one tourism concept, SKI Bogor is the best place to spend vacation time, especially for families. Don’t miss visiting One Stop Shopping and Recreation when in Bogor.

Apart from being complete with rides and facilities, visitors can also shop for fashion with a complete selection and low prices. Not to forget, culinary tours at SKI Bogor are also recommended to do.