Slap Chris Rock, Maybe Will Smith Wants to Be an Endemic Ambassador – It’s also just this year that we are almost free from the pandemic, but people’s behavior has varied, even though the endemic is still not officially announced.

The 2022 Academy Awards event is also decorated with unusual behavior that makes everyone freeze, but unfortunately not because of the amazing winner. Yep, but because Will Smith’s action ‘touched’ the face of the famous actor and comedian, Chris Rock.

The 2022 Academy Awards will still be held on a limited basis by following the applicable health protocols, keeping a distance and as much as possible reducing contact with anyone present.

However, Smith bluntly defied this health rule by swinging his fist in Chris Rock’s face on a live broadcast that was broadcast almost all over the country.

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Yes, maybe because it was almost endemic, Smith forgot the rules that we were still in the end of the pandemic. It could be Smith crush want to be named an ‘Endemic Ambassador’ by showing that our interactions with other people are ‘light-handed’.

sat set sat set, There is no need to think too much that every action will endanger – especially the health – of others.

By the wayhe wears hand sanitizer no, after and before doing the action?

Will slaps the comedian for joking about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s bald-headed appearance like the movie character GI Jane.

Jada does have problems with her hair growth due to an autoimmune condition called Alopecia. Heroic indeed because Will did it to defend his wife.

But, must very use violence and say rude words on national (and global) TV broadcasts, let alone violate the established social distancing rules?

Of course, there are various reactions, some call it natural because it involves a person’s and family’s illness, there are also those who call it excessive while others see it as a new ‘meme farm’.

And with the power of netizens, BOOM! This iconic moment went viral on social media. This actor’s name is perched at the highest trending, beating his own show with more than 2.5 million tweets and counting.

Congratulations Will Smith, besides winning the Best Actor award, this actor is also the ‘King of the Night’ on all social media platforms.

Who knows, there are also those who want to make him an Endemic Ambassador for demonstrating such a skillful “physical touch” activity in front of millions of audiences.

The video is also still being shared from tweets to tweets, reposted on Instagram, shared as GIFs, memes, and made into new jokes. To date, the video has been viewed more than 20 million times, even if it is added up with videos from other tweets, it can reach almost 50 million views in a short time.