So that children don’t become victims of bullying, Yenny Wahid gives this message – Bullying or intimidation, or what is commonly referred to as bullying behavior often haunts children and adolescents, both offline and online.

This action can have a huge impact on the victims, physically, mentally and emotionally. Of course, no one wants their child to be the target of bullying from their friends and the environment.

To prevent this from happening, the Director of The Wahid Institute, Yenny Wahid revealed the initial foundations that must be built between parents and children from an early age, especially in the early five years of their lives.

“So the most important thing for us is to help parents to make a healthy relationship, an emotional bond with their children at home. So it can start from the first 5 years of life,” he explained at the launch of the Thrive by Five International Program with the Minderoo Foundation. some time ago.

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Illustration of bullying (pexels/Keira Burton)
Illustration of bullying (pexels/Keira Burton)

Furthermore, Yenny said, when parents are emotionally close to their children, they will not hesitate to become parents as someone they can trust and always support them no matter what happens.

Children will be more daring to express what they are facing outside, and ask about what solution they should choose.

“They feel, oh if something goes wrong, there is a problem, I can go to my parents, I can get support, support from my parents and will not feel that his parents will blame him,” added Yenny.

After that, continued the daughter of the former President of the Republic of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid, give children an understanding that bullying is something that must be overcome, not avoided. And, he must not deal with this bullying problem alone.

Don’t let your child feel alone when he is a victim of bullying. because it can be bad for them.

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“Well, children sometimes feel alone. When they feel alone, this can lead to destructive and dangerous situations. So, how do you make sure your child is not alone, that parents are there when the child is going through the process of maturation of life and when he is being bullied,” he concluded.