So the entrance of viruses and bacteria, oral health is the key to overall health – Healthy teeth and gums are the key to overall health, because the mouth is the ‘entrance’ for bacteria and viruses into the body.

That is why, it is very important to practice good and correct dental and oral health care to maintain a healthy body as a whole.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), oral health is a key indicator of overall health, well-being and quality of life. Oral health is defined by WHO as a state of being free from oral and facial pain, mouth and throat cancer, infections and mouth sores, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and other diseases and disorders.

Impaired oral health can limit an individual’s capacity for biting, chewing, smiling, speaking, and psychosocial well-being.

Numerous studies have shown a strong link between poor oral health and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

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Meanwhile, poor oral and dental conditions in pregnant women can also cause premature labor, low birth weight, pre-eclampsia, loose teeth, cavities, erosion, and pregnancy tumors.

“The danger is not maintaining dental and oral health, currently the public is still not paying attention. In fact, the mouth and teeth are one of the keys to having a comprehensive and optimal body health. If dental and oral health are not maintained, many diseases lurk, including mouth and throat cancer, tooth decay, diabetes and increased risk in pregnancy,” explained drg. Mirza MA, Sp.KG.

Therefore, it is very important for us to maintain dental and oral health, especially during a pandemic, where viruses and bacteria are more susceptible to entering through the mouth. In addition, by maintaining dental and oral hygiene, food and beverage intake will be processed better so that it can be received optimally by the digestive system.

Oral health is also supported by the habit of brushing your teeth regularly, because it can help reduce the appearance of disease and protect against cardio-metabolic risk factors.

In Indonesia, it was reported that the prevalence of adolescent dental and oral health problems increased from 25% in 2013 to 56% in 2018, and 73% had suffered from caries in 2018. This proves that efforts to increase awareness of the importance of maintaining oral health and hygiene in the community still need to be improved.

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“Many factors can affect a person’s oral and dental health, one of which is habits and lifestyle, such as rarely brushing teeth, not having regular check-ups with the dentist, and so on. Therefore, it is important for parents to get their children used to brushing their teeth regularly from an early age and regularly check their teeth and mouth every six months, so that this habit can be maintained into adulthood,” said drg. Mirza.

In brushing your teeth, it takes precision and the right technique so that all food debris and plaque can be removed. However, sometimes there are areas that are still difficult to reach with a regular toothbrush.